USB multi channel mixer for use with ableton

Hi to all,

I am trying to find some USB mixer for use with ableton (8-16 channels out) i want to rout ableton channels to mixer. I want it for live use.
The only one i found is Alesis Multimix 16 USB 2.0. IS there any other options?


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I think there’s a focusrite Scarlett one

So you want to send 8+ channels from your DAW to the mixer over the USB connection?
Are you sure that Alesis mixer can do that?
I think it will only take 2 channels in over USB and those will probably be assigned to

Outputting multiple channels from your DAW is more of a job for an audio interface.
These mixers with built-in cards all have their weird restrictions. I think the Mackie 1620i also
only receives 2 channels over the firewire connection.

What sets this one (and the 820i/1620i) apart is that they can output each channel
separately over the digital connection.

Yeah i found out that that alesis is not what i am looking for. But i found Soundcraft Signature that have what i am looking for.

Those are also going to be 2 in / 2 out over USB I think.
The AD/DA on those mixers usually only supports a stereo master recording channel and
a kind of tape playback channel for monitoring…

As AxeD is trying to say, most USB mixers, SEND more channels over USB than they RECEIVE (sorry for the caps for emphasis…not trying to be tnuc…)

Likely you’ll have to update your audio interface, then any mixer with the right requirements will sort you.

According to sweetwater the SoundCraft Signature 12 MTK will do what you want. SoundCraft are great mixers BTW. I’d be somewhat surprised if they didn’t work this way…but you might want to be certain the SC 12 MTK will send signal OUT when its just audio files in your DAW…tbh honest I’d be more than somewhat surprised if it didn’t support this…but…you never know…

399USD for doing live dubs over USB? Yes please. Just wonder if there would be latency issues…

Yeah i know what AxeD want to say but Soundcraft Signature 12MTK and 22MTK eill do what i want. I watched few videos and every one say that 12MTK is 14in12out and 22MTK is 24in22out there is more ins because your daw can recive and master channel when recording.

Yeah it is hard to say how will they behave because they are still not out. But in vids i watched minimal latency would be 4ms.

Oh yeah the MTK is different line. Hadn’t heard about that one yet.
Yes that’s what you’re looking for.
Is it going to be $399 though? My go-to shop lists it at €459 atm.

Anyway I encourage this option, because it’s nice to have the interface and mixer
in one unit. Especially when it comes to cabling. Interface can have rca, trs or xlr i/o and then
you have to get the signal into a mixer. With this thing you’d just need the right cables for any outboard gear you might want to connect.

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