Using Gamepads / Joysticks as midi controllers

Anyone got any experience with this? I’ve got a T-Flight X and a 360 gamepad plugged in to my computer all the time and I’ve been wanting to use the sticks for x-y stuff and the throttle as a mod wheel type deal for years. Not to mention generally mapping the buttons to whatever type stuff.

It isn’t as straight forward as just plugging and playing though as there’s nothing to tell the DAW it’s supposed to receive MIDI data from these controllers. I’ve found out about a couple of things that allows me to send midi on/off signals via the buttons but I’m more interestedi n the x-y stuff with the joystick, throttle and twin sticks on the pad.

So anyone got any advice on how I should go about doing this?

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Couple of videos online like this;

That the sort of thing you mean?

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yeah this type of thing :smiley:

ive seen a vid of 0=0 using a joystick to make facemelt jungle breakcore

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great idea

always wanted to have a go on that weird expensive ‘arcade’ table like interface that was hot a few years ago

cant remember the name tho but almost a joke how expensive and weird it was

There was a computer music article a few years back about how to use a Wii controller as a MIDI control for Ableton as well.

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one of those older ps gloves with usb could be lol

(there must be exist some nutter who uses a helmet fitted with stuff when he produces)

Nintendo’s Wii Remote As A MIDI Controller

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