Value Grime

In general the good stuff isn’t cheap and what’s cheap isn’t good

so post some tunes and labels that you’ve found are generally good value for money

feel free to post any lucky bargains you’ve had too

-p jam-anger management (the d double vocal on white’s a bit spenny but the instrumental release on harddrive is bare cheap and great in the mix)
-the vast majority of tunes on army bullet are hard and usually under a tenner
-same goes for a lot of southside allstars, you can pick up one of the millions of versions of big shot-stomp for under a tenner and you’ve pretty much got kahn-percy
-danny weed-kick off
-wiley-avenger, and much of dumpvalve (buying geeneus-what remix > dropping 50 bar on morgue)
-dizzee rascal-stand up tall, you get wheel instrumental and the killer vocal with d double (give u more)
-the xl releases of i luv u, getting the remix version means you get og and instrumental too (it’s the clean version of the vocal but there’s like 3 bleeps in the whole thing)
-mercston-good old days
-most of the black ops, jon e cash shit, a few are more around the 20/30 mark but they’re all pretty much the same tune anyway
-most of the musical mobb/youngstar tunes

i hope this is of interest

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Plastician - Pump Up The Jam, quite a few of the Macabre Unit bits are quite cheap, loads of the Butterz releases are top and not expensive, Oil Gang records are sick and you can still get loads of em new.

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yeah yeah on all of that

macabre unit- slow jam, horror show and lift off are all value and top bangers

same goes for wot do u call it think that was cheapest grime record i own

never been mad about butterz releases bar a couple

oh yeah dj wire- believe me and dj narrows- saved soul both great and decent price, as is a lot of that wot do u call it garagey grime vibe which is some of the most fun imo

got some white label that had 4x4 remixes of igloo, ru from the endz and Wheel Hoe (Wheel Remix) for cheap
DJ Mondie Ft. Flirta D ‎– Step Ur Game Up Vol.1 for a few quid
rossi b - e10 riddim for a 5er
p-jam 0 untitled for a 5er
roll deep - regular for a 5er

theres loads of cheap grime if you dont go for the seminal records.
loads of unmarked whitelabels in record shops aswell in london that i seem to stumble across

that white label sounds daaank

where you buying grime in london these days

lucked out big time at flashback essex road this holiday and doubled my grime collection, been meaning to check out the greenwich vinyl exchange heard good things but frankly greenwich is long ting

apart from that i rarely find any

yeah flashback is always worth checking out for 2nd hand gems. id seriously recommend checking charity shops in trendier areas like dalston or brixton.
vinyl pimp in hackney is quality. they buy records of you too if you want to sell any

thats that remix white label

that white label looks sickkk

only probem was that its a bit warped. so i cant really cue the wheel hoe side

Yeah I’ve got that white label, it’s well fun in the mix. Got it from Greenwich M&V actually, about 10 or 15 quid I think.

Recently I did a swap with a guy, gave him Know We instrumental and Ice Pole Remix for Wiley - Freeze and Macabre Unit - Dem Nah Ready. Was quite pleased with that.

theres looads of cheap good shit trust me

Alot of the bits on Zodiac are good and cheap but then is that more grime-garage, fuck If I know.

Someone needs to do a set from this era. Would pay £££

obviously xtc - functions on the low instrumental

and this version of dullahbeatz - kill confirmed

faze miyake - gunpowder

wiley step 1 & step 16

dizzee rascal - sittin’ here

check out dj target and his label aim high, seems to have been overlooked for his mate danny weed (who is like…better and all) but he’s got some gems and quite a lot of it’s cheap

i think i spent like 2 quid on runaway and it’s a percy

and pick yourself up, chosen one are serious bangers

aim high volume 2 is also a serious mixtape

I know it probably feels like cheating to some people but:

why cheating?

I mean I could see some people thinking that (for obvious reasons). I don’t personally think so.

Lol am I being stupid what’s the obvious reasons

that you’re not copping the og white labels from back in day but the new repress that everyone has

i slightly understand what he means, it always feels cooler getting some dirty white label with graff pen on it,

and like idea of this thread is kinda crate digger overlooked gems that you can drop without having to spend bare gwop and maybe suprise people

but ye i own it and what is one of my favourite tunes to mix, sounds fucking cool with everything

Oh seen its a repress. Nah fuck that. Who cares if it’s first pressing or whatever. No one cares about that unless you’re like obsessive and stuff. Literally no difference in the vinyl apart form maybe aesthetics