Various - Dubstep Vol. 2 [Deep Heads]

How isn’t there a thread for this already? Some very good stuff on there by the likes of Geode, Thrashbat, Synkro and more.

Track List Double Pack:
A Side: Mercy “Panels Of Freight”
B1 Side: Gerwin “Your LunchBox Kid”
B2 Side: Jafu “Blues & Greens”
C Side: War & Mateba “True”
D1 Side: Geode “Oblong”
D2 Side: Daega Sound “Land In Motion”

Track List Sampler:
A1 Side: Geode “Lark Ascending”
A2 Side: Subreachers “Moonraker”
B1 Side: Trashbat “Pastiche”
B2 Side Matt Deco & Subtle Mind “After Hours”

…plus there’s a 33 track double CD available.

Some samples:


1 BigUp

Wanna get this, hope it doesn’t sell out too quick. Over 34 bucks including shipping for one half alone.
I got the digi for Geode’s “Oblong”, before the vinyl dropped, and played it about 50 times on the first day alone lol.

You can get the sampler and the vinyl double pack off of redeye, which should be considerably cheaper when shipping’s added in.

good label, quality releases, big artist roster , pretty consistent output & they pushing 140 into different places.

gonna give it a listen ASAP, TL looks good!

might cop the sampler now and the album next month

can anybody explain this:

A tune Commodo already released 5 years ago, getting another release on a diff label

That’s pretty common.

Mala anti war dub is on both warrior dubs and dmz for example

yeah i get you, But somehow that seems different at the time, trying to get a sound out, trying to get exposure via MAH etc,

anyway they deleted my comment when asked them why they re-releasing a 5 year old tune.

shit is querky 5 years old?

tbf it was a nice surprise to see it in the TL

I have the OG version, big tune but i had to go through some hoops to get it. Seems not many new about it

some Belgium mateys selling it for like £30 on discogees

Been on this label for time-percys galore on this release-instacop