Vex'd / Milanese / Toasty etc

Cant this sound make a come back please?


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Totally with you on this one @Johnlenham. I just found this site while searching for tracks in that style. I regularly play this style of music out but people don’t seem to get it for some reason. The last set I played in a local club was to an audience of one, although that one person was Aphex Twin which definitely made up for the absence of everyone else :slight_smile:

I’ve got so many track similar to this rhythm-wise. Not necessarily so deep but definitely in the “is this dubstep or 2-step or IDM or fucking what?” category :wink:

yeah both the hawerchuk 12" on mu are killer plates

had a “ha ha” moment recently when i realised it was an alias of venetian snares

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yeee, would be nice to hear more diversity in sound in 2016

lol did not know that. google confirms tho. too bad he didn’t make more stuff in that vein

was put onto this by wubstep and ch3 but yeah similar ish vein

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