Video Game

Fav. video game theme/soundtracks?

Mortal Kombat is definetely up there for me.

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love these OSTs


Was actually about to do a thread on the same subject :cornlol:

This theme is probably my favourite video game music:

hard to top Metroid or Zelda OSTs imo, they always perfectly convey the feelings of the spaces you evolve in

^ endless memories

and this could as well appear on a Ghost Box record:

Always this one

And Homeworld had some sweet eastern vibes

Bookmarking this. Will be back in the morning with all the video game soundtracks i have in my library

All this freaking game

And this one

Here we go


Sonice the Hedgehog 2- Sky Chase Zone

Killer Instinct-Sabrewulf theme

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post your favorite VGM music, anything goes

oh wow @cyclopian you were quick there, maybe you can go on and lock my “t&a” thread as requested while you’re at it

gully midi riddim

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really nice

Yup so good!
That game used to scare the shit out of me as a yout

thing about tomb raider is that the music just played randomly too