Vintage vocal samples

So as we all probably know skrillex just release his remix of Torro Torro’s make a move. The one thing I’ve notice in the track are the vintage sounding vocal samples littered throughout the mix that sound like they’re from some old 1950’s movies or radio broadcasts. I noticed the same thing in All is fair in Love and Brostep (the “this much power” line) and was just wondering does anyone of a pack or something with all these vintage vocal samples in it or is he just picking them up randomly from some place?

Probably getting them from old movies with expired copyright.

So sorry for the late reply! My crappy Internet has been down for the past week thanks to the even crappie weather here but yeah I’m guessing you’re probably right. There doesn’t seem to be any sample packs out there with that kind of thing. Seems like a lot of effort though unless he’s just accidentally stumbled across them on YouTube or something

PM’d you. :sunglasses:

I watch lots of old films, there’s loads of cool stuff. There’s actually DVD compilations for sale with public domain movies on them. Some on too. Loopmasters sells a few movie dialogue sample packs too with old scifi and horror stuff. He’s used some vocal sample packs before so wouldn’t surprise me if they were there.

Thanks man i looked into the loopmasters samples and grabbed some of the free examples i’m definitely gonna get some of the full packs