Vinyl only mixes

Found this one on my old mixcloud, mixed Dec 2007
Bit of dubstep, bit of grime, and a little UKG too :slight_smile: plenty of crackles

Skream - Nemesis

Zinc - Kinda Funky

Caspa - Custard Chucker

Sticky ft Lorraine Cato - Did It

Cotti - The Legacy

Zed Bias ft Specialist Moss - Heavyweight Bassline

Darqwan - Said The Spider

Coki - The End

DJ Narrows - Revival

Skream - 2D

Wookie - Far East

Benga - Emotions

Wookie - Scrappy

D1 - Im Lovin’

Bogeyman - Nasty

Mala - Learn

Roll Deep - Runaway

Mala - Lean Forward

Floops - Unknown

Gemma Fox - Messy (Paleface Remix)

Toasty - One Life

Skream - Rotten

Platinum 45 - Deleted Scenes

Distance - Battle Sequence

Sticky ft Dr Psycho - More Weed

Rusko - Lion’s Paw

Amy Winehouse - F**k Me Pumps (MJ Cole Remix)

Asbo - Asbo 1

The Streets - Blinded by the Lights

Shackleton - Blood On My Hands

Distance - Feel Me


The other day we were hit by a polar vortex where I live with extremely cold sub zero weather! I decided to have a mix from my DNB crates where the track had some relation to the cold - it might be in the track or artist name or just the artwork. Enjoy!

  1. Fracture & Neptune - “Ice Planet” (Outsider)
  2. Seba & Paradox - “Frost” (Bassbin)
  3. Dub-One - “The Return cool n deadly 2 ep” (Scientific Wax)
  4. Fanu - “Ninja Chicks” (Darkestral Ice)
  5. Sub - “Skadi Nebula Blue Notes Remix” (Subtle Audio)
  6. ASC - “Tension” (Gamma Ray Recordings) I meant to play the flip “snowstorm”
  7. Fracture - “Brainfreeze” (Astrophonica)
  8. Alaska - “Born Again” (13 Music)
  9. Equinox - “Antarctica” (Inperspective)
  10. Fanu - “I Play it Cooler” (Subtle Audio)
  11. Alaska & Kisty Hawkshaw - “Juneau” (Arctic Music)
  12. Mecca & Code “Ice World” (Subtle Audio)
  13. Dub-One “Snow” (Scientific Wax)
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not sure what happened, but the entire mix sounds hipassed mate

Been a while since I’ve had a mix so decided to say fuck it and record myself playing a couple records after work


Barbarossa is a tune, the flip so strong too

vinyl only radio show from back in december

commix - be true (burial remix) [s/s]
las & mikael - outlaw [outlaw ep]
daega sound - state of mind [state of mind / fox wing]
kahn - tehran [illy / tehran]
geiom - classic rewinds [classic rewinds / toscani (promo)]
joker - tron [s/s]
stumbleine - cassette [ghosting]
sorrow - lovers’ charm [hieroglyphics ep]
scuba - dream [harpoon / dream]
james blake - timeless [the colour in anything]
biome - reality [two way ep]
blackdown - northside cheng dub [the bits / northside cheng dub]
digital mystikz - anti-war dub [MAH warrior dubz]
floating points - sais (dub) [s/s]
shudan - flammie riddim [arctic garms ep]
airhead - south congress [south congress / wait]

main thread: 30 Hertz Radio Shows


All vinyl house garage disco and dubstep


T - Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
Steve Monite - Only you (Frankie Francis Disco Jam Mix)
Stone - Time
Freeze - I.O.U (Megamix)
Sybil Falling In Love (Long Version)
Africanism - Love Is The Answer
Cooly G - Love Dub (Refix)
Soulsearcher - Can’t Get Enough (Vocal Club Mix)
Shelltoe - Whoah! (Vocal)
Kevin Mark Trail - Perspective (Mad Skillz Old Skool Dub)
Ce-Ce Peniston - Somebody Else’s Guy (T J’s Lady Choice Dub)
Joey Negro presents Akabu - Don’t Hold Back (Skylark Main Mix)
Tuff Jam - Set It Off (Booker T’s State 51 Lick)
Ghost - The Club
Whitney Houston - Fine (Jameson Untitled Mix 1)
Martyn - Mega Drive Generation
Auntie Flo - Oh My Days (Pearson Sound Refix)
Heartless Crew - The Heartless Theme (Version 1)
Lol Boys - Moments in Heartbreak

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More bait 140 from your boy creamlord

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Digging through some old 2009-2011ish bits and did this mix. A few Night Slugs/Swamp 81/Keysound bits in there as well as a whole host of other goodness.


A short promo mix I recorded for a dubstep night with D-Operation Drop this Friday in Sopot, Poland.
If anyone’s around:slight_smile:ójmiasto-vol-2-promo-mix/


was stuck inside the other day from a snowstorm, and had a pretty wild mix - bringing in track 13 was a little cluttered at first but whatev…check it out. Smile

    • Eusebeia ~ “Freedom” (Repertoire)
    • Sabre ~ “Peril” (Critical Recordings)
    • Cycom ~ “Petrol” (Lightless Recordings)
    • Chris Inperspective ~ “Ladybird Rain” (Fresh Trip)
    • Seba ~ “In The Sun” (Offshore Recordings)
    • CLS ~ “Tell Me What You Want” (Med School)
    • Accela ~ “Mephisto 2” (Ohm Resistance)
    • Evol Intent ~ “Middle of the Night” (Evol Intent)
    • Gein ~ “Telepathy” (Habit Recodings)
    • Fracture & Neptune ~ “Tape Fog” (Astrophonica)
    • Pieter K ~ “Big Mon” (Thermal Recordings)
    • 16 Armed Jack ~ Informer Fi Dead (Informer Killin Anthem) (Dublinquents)
    • The Disciple ~ “You Lost All Your L.A. Priviledges” (Good Fortune Sound)
    • Fanu ~ “Recharge” (Metalheadz)
    • Proxima ~ “Sens8” (Shogun Audio)
    • Eprom ~ “Shoplifter” (Bad Acid)
    • John Rolodex ~ “Amenizem Part 1” (Pi)
    • The Enemy & Kid Kryptic ~ “Malice Afterthought” (Killing Sheep)
    • Sub ~ So Finster Die Nacht (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix) (Pinecone Moonshine)
    • Hylu & Jago ~ "One Blood (remix) (Unit 137)
    • Dub-One ~ “The Desicration Without Name” (Scientific Wax)
    • Submerged ~ “Bushwick Houses” (Obliterati)
    • Dead Fader ~ “No Theif” (3by3)


Fuck Yes.
Have you a DL link?

mixing dubstep records live right now :slight_smile:

Getting away from dubstep for once

Commodo - Straight Reptilian
Pangaea - Pob
Elmono - Welcome to the Octagon
Beneath - Texers
Batu - Stairwells
Walton - More Cowbell
Lurka & Batu - A1
Elmono - Baton Rouge
Loletta Holloway - Stand Up (Pangaea’s mix)
Asusu - Sendak
Pinch - Down
Walton - Bullet #2
Biome - Trench Foot
Lurka - Heat Mover
Laksa - In the Middle
Beneath - Giv Sum
Blue Hour - Falling Lines (Pangaea Remix)
Pangaea - Trouble
Alex Coulton - Pointe Noire
Simo Cell - Cellar Door
Batu & Lurka - Kneqq
Pearson Sound - Lola


Done a mix for a festival competition, ‘Monday Morning Mixtape’ so you can gather the vibe. T/L is on mixcloud

late on this but sick tracklist, do you have a d/l link so i can listen on my run tomorrow?


Cheers man, hopefully this link works
Edit - right file this time lmao


thanks, bagged!

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Back again lads, this time on a dubstep flex. Hopefully less shit than my previous ones lol


Lurka - Refresher (Gantz Remix)
Distance - Jungle Fears
Gantz - U Won’t Mind
Shackleton - New Dawn
Digital Mystikz - Misty Winters
Las - Crowded
Distance - Saints and Sinners
Shackleton - Naked
Gravious - Wormsign
Headhunter - Drop the Waste
Distinct Motive - Radar
Ago - So I Smoke
Loefah - Truly Dread
Mystic State - Hemisphere
Leftlow - Cluedub (Skeptical Remix)
Bengal Sound - Two Worlds
Boofy - Perfunktion
De-tu - Waiting for Jah
Cluekid - Mistik World


Mind if I rip that? Or have you a DL link?
I can see I’m gonna enjoy that! Loefah, Shakleton, Distance, Gantz :grimacing::skull_and_crossbones:

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