30 Hertz Radio Shows

Posted this on the members’ mix club but thought I’d create a thread here for the show so as not to spam. We started a live dubstep and bass music radio show on Leeds Student Radio (http://www.thisislsr.com/listen) where we mostly play tunes and discuss their history. Rough show format is half an hours’ tunes and discussion, half an hours’ mix. You can listen live from 10-11pm every tuesday.

First show is here (halloween themed)…

unknown artist - ☾
skream - 0800 dub
black sun empire - hyper sun
andy stott - violence
bulldogs - the rattlesnake
celestial trax - secrets
tinie tempah / labyrinth - earthquake (noisia remix)
kode9 & the spaceape - victims
silkie - poltergeist
benga - zombie jig
axh - devilman
joker - deserted island
mala - changes (harmonimix)
genghis tron - board up the house (renholder remix)
biome - black widow
demdike stare - sourcer
trends & boylan - norman bates
kahn - abattoir
breakage - higher
rabit - tearz

… and the second show, which aired last night, is here. This one chronicles the roots and progression of dubstep / 140bpm music.

king tubby & yabby you - conquering dub
groove chronicles - stone cold
el-b - among the stars
jon e cash - drop top blimmer kid
benga - skank
dj abstract - touch
kahn - dread
magnetic man - i need air
burial - pirates
dorian concept - trilingual dance sexperience
art of noise - moments in love
children of the bong - underwater dub
wiley - eskimo 4 (braindead mix)
skream & benga - the judgment
mala - neverland
danny weed - creeper
breakage - together
chase & status - saxon
joker - holly brook park
joy orbison - wet look
emalkay - when i look at you

We’ll update the thread every 2 weeks with a new show + tracklists. Next show will be drum n’ bass themed, stay locked…

30 Hertz 3; drum n’ bass is now live to stream!

ltj bukem - demon’s theme
calibre - running
mistabishi - view from nowhere
chase & status - delete
noisia - mantra
pendulum - girl in the fire
afx - mangle 11 (circuit bent vip mix)
fixate - bandicoot
dj trace - lost entity (remix)
strategy - put god first
special request - stairfoot lane bunker (minor science remix)
sinistarr - i pop, i jit
amen andrews - fast & bulbous
spectrasoul - always
coco bryce - mandy inna dancehall
chase & status - all crew
fixate - n2o

vinyl only show next…


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[original post written in december]

our vinyl only show aired on tuesday

commix - be true (burial remix) [s/s]
las & mikael - outlaw [outlaw ep]
daega sound - state of mind [state of mind / fox wing]
kahn - tehran [illy / tehran]
geiom - classic rewinds [classic rewinds / toscani (promo)]
joker - tron [s/s]
stumbleine - cassette [ghosting]
sorrow - lovers’ charm [hieroglyphics ep]
scuba - dream [harpoon / dream]
james blake - timeless [the colour in anything]
biome - reality [two way ep]
blackdown - northside cheng dub [the bits / northside cheng dub]
digital mystikz - anti-war dub [MAH warrior dubz]
floating points - sais (dub) [s/s]
shudan - flammie riddim [arctic garms ep]
airhead - south congress [south congress / wait]

we also won best DJ show on LSR yesterday which we’re v. pleased about. tune in next term

5th 30hz show and first one this year. this time on dub

king tubby - take five
keith hudson - depth charge
alter echo & e3 meet ishan sound & rider shafique - ah mi guide (egoless remix)
bluetech - prayers for rain (dub mix)
caspa & rusko - cup of peace
stalker - redlamp 10A
panda dub - smile is the key
aardvarck - untitled 1
radikal guru & echo ranks - ragamuffin souljah (sekkleman remix)
glows - foam (gg skips dub)
radikal guru - strong dub
basic channel - phylyps rmx
gotye - somebody that i used to know (enigma dubz remix)
zzmln - d_dub
mungo’s hifi - thunderclap dub
ini kamoze - world a music
lee perry - zion’s blood

stay locked…

Techno show! 30hz 6

visage - frequency 7 (the dance mix)
pearson sound - rubble
ren - stretch urself
walton & wen - vectors
objekt - clk recovery
enrico sanguilano - astral projection
trance wax - trance 13
alan fitzpatrick - we do what we want
desert sound colony - grabbing the golden goose
ploy - ramos
missing channel - edge of infinity
glyn hendry - escape club 99
marie davidson - lara
dj vague - freakout
kraftwerk - tour de france (etape 3)
psyk - voiceprint

tune in next week for grime.

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grime show is now up.

silencer & killa p - silent ones
david sylvian & ryuichi sakamoto - bamboo houses (7" mix)
sorrow - three sovereigns
ruff sqwad - move 2 dis
last japan & aj tracey - ascend
lanark artefax - remainder 1
swindle & d double e - lemon trees
imp batch - painful
mistakay - stringz (140 energy mix)
slaughter mob - fireweaver
chase & status & frisco - funny
dj oddz - pulse dis
sbk - vexed riddim
afx - afx 6/b (jessicore remix)
outsider - avirex & akademiks
inner - closa
westy - only the rated
jon e cash - sublow music
rude kid - fabric
logos - menace
ocean wisdom & dizzee rascal - revvin’

since the LSR mixer is broken at the moment we’re unable to do a show this wednesday. Instead we’ve recorded this mix full of 140 goodness. mixture of vinyl and digital; breaksy stuff at the end. enjoy.

v.i.v.e.k - where were you
bullion - family
loyal hardware - on you
swarms - time lapse
otik - fetal
john arnold - 4 minutes?
cosmic trg - tower block
subtropic - tilt the frequency
youngstar - bongo
eva808 - pink uzi gang
silkie - love affair
yoshihiro hanno - inharmonic
laurence wilkins - street walker
dreams - headhunter
this heat - 24 track loop
krushed & sorted - breaker (as above so below mix)
digitonal - snowflake vectors
bochum welt - fortune green
the widdler - calamity
andrea - passage
headhunter & djyuna - el presidente
arp101 - dead leaf
orien - blue lagoon
native force - music box
brokenchord - lowe
atomic dog - apache
future loop foundation - karma (click n’ cycle mix)
hazard - pylons