Vinyl only mixes



Madvillain - Accordion (Four Tet Remix)
Flora Yin-Wong - Fugere
Benoit Pioulard - The Gilded Fear That Guides The Flow
Lanark Artefax - Flickering Debris
Steve Hauschildt - In Spite Of Time’s Disguise
PYUR - Epoch Sinus I
Gantz - Witch Blues
Lung - Time
V.I.V.E.K. - Where Were You
K-Lone - Barbarossa
Burial - Pre Dawn
Vessel - Silten
Author - After Time
Darkstar - Timeaway (Remix)
Peverelist - Die Brücke
Lando Kal - Time Out
Da Poet - Time Travellin
µ-Ziq - Inclement
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Beaten)
Slugabed - Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
Sir Hiss - Danny Uzi Vert
Starkey - Time Traveler
EVA808 - Ro$e Gold
LD - Traumatic Times
Harry Craze - 36 Hours
Memotone - Lost Hours
Shapes & Colours - Times Like These
Commodo - Bitch & Moan
Fabio Frizzi - Sequence 6
Southern Jubilees - Time Has Made A Change

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Vinyl mix recorded earlier this year. 1Hr 10mins because that’s what my commute was at the time. Been sitting on some of the mixes for a while and final compiled them all together.
Recorded through a 2007 Macbook for that authentic dubstep feel.

Rough Tracklist

Karma - Terrorist
Las - Traveling
GA004 (dub)
Killa Sound 005
Jack Sparrow - Dune
Hebbe - Mad Hatter
Egoless - Empire of Dirt
Samba - Malignant (Sleeper RMX)
Goth Trad - Itinerant Priest
Kaiju - Creeper
Bukez Finezt - Unknown Force
Oxossi and Malleus - Amongst the Hemlock
Caspa - Hot Head
Sleeper, Mesk, Thelem - Strawberry Cough
Samba - Malignant
Jamakabi - Hot It Up (Kahn and Neek RMX)
Eva 808 - Empress (Gundam RMX)
Samba and Sepia - Kami
Jack Sparrow - Shoal
Sir Hiss - Taj Mahal
Ago - Why Wont You
Malleus - Pharmaceutical Prisoner
Epoch - Stonecutter


You got the sides mixed up for the Jack Sparrow and Hebbe tunes, nice mix though, big up


Benoit Pioulard, big up



I’ll leave the track list mistakes. It will make for a surprise when listening.


weekly offering of tunes badly mixed together
2010 vibes on this one, with a few more recent bits here and there

Francis Bebey - Sanza Tristesse
Sir Hiss - Blood Diamond
Headhunter - Sex At The Prom
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Tessela - Darlene, Please
Rudi Zygadlo - Resealable Friendship (Slugabed’s Special Friends’ Deepest Holes Remix)
Kuedo - Joy Construction
Sepalcure - Love Pressure (Falty DL Remix)
Ital Tek - Strange Love
Fantastic Mr Fox - Evelyn
Loom - Nylon
Decibel - Gyal
D1 - Joy
Girl Unit - Wut
Trusta - Feels So
Hawerchuk - Camel Toe
Untold - Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)
Falty DL - Hip Love (Jamie XX Remix)
Starkey - Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix)
Sorrow - Fruitella
Sully - 2 Hearts
Dark Sky - Totem
2562 - Love In Outer Space
Kahn - Azalea
Mala - Don’t Let Me Go
Modeselektor ft. Paul St Hilaire - Let Your Love Grow
Airhead - Hundred Years
Deadboy - Heartbreaker
Walton - Caught In A Trip
Lyeform - Things Betwixt
Myth - Lonely
Mønic - Deep Summer
Ayya - Second Mistake


~ an hour of dancefloor beats. some dubbed-and-fucked tech house, some electro, some acid, some trainwrecks.
didn’t write down the tracklist, but it looks something like this:

roza terenzi – newest one, a2 or b2 i think
ambien baby – a2
fantastic man – trancesexual
silverlining – dubs vol. 5
clay wilson – osho (derek plaslaiko rmx)
unit moebius, cor gout, salò mentale – de fietsenmaker
ramjam corporation – massive mix
kord – absence of fear ep
abby echiverri – ab initio a1
acid jesus – radium
donato dozzy – c1 or d1 off filo loves the acid
hardfloor – e.r.p. remix


decided to get drunk and record some gaystep, so no tracklist atm

Toasty - Cold Blooded
Six Sunsets - Commute
Impey - Bangclap
Cyrus - Soul Seeker
Lx One & SP:MC - Down
Breakage - Untitled
Vivek - Rockers
Opus - Corker
Opus - Peel
Goth Trad - Sinker
Silkie - Impervious
Foamplate - Nettle
Vivek - Namaste
Roommate & Noah D - Success
Benga - Drumz West
Thelem - Haunted Harmonics
Sleeper - U Take L’s
Gramz - Dip Dip Potato Chip
Commodo - Dyrge
Cluekid - Spider Monkey
Folding City - Spacewalk (Doctor Jeep Remix)
Darqwan - Wear The Crown
Orien - New World
Las - Uuha
Appleblim & Peverelist - Over Here


Rainy day jazz sort of thing. Mixcloud has figured out most of the TL but if there’s any others wanted let me know


sweet selection

whats the version of my favorite things(?) around 34:00?


Thanks, glad you dig.
That’ll be Tadao Hayashi’s version off of Spiritual Jazz vol. 8 on Jazzman. Really good compilation:

I’ve just noticed the mixer is bleeding audio when I cued up Cinematic Orchestra, bloody thing


One of my first dubstep mix 7 or 8 years ago :smiley:

Sine & Fibre - Kingdom Of Zion
Chasing-Shadows - It Was Written
16bit - Champion Sound RMX
The Thunderclaps ‎- Judgment Day (Vista Vs Ill Bill Bachelor REFIX)
J@kes - Rock Da Bells
The Nasha Experience - Greasy Spoon
JJ - Hustling
16bit - Jump
Benga & Coki - Night
Kromestar - Stratosphere
Rusko - Get Ya Cock Out
Stagga - Sick As Sin (ultra v.i.p)
Shandy - Fog Horn
Kromestar - Get Up
Manygances - Alarm
MRK1 - Counteraction
Rusko - Biggest Chopper
MRK1 - Electronic
J@kes - Warface
White label unknown artist - No No No


I really enjoyed this


Vinyl mix from 2011.

Didn’t try to force the blends and just let things flow.

Rough track list from memory:

Loefah - The Goat Stare
Mala - Left Leg Out
Mala - Forgive
Kryptic Minds - ??? - SwampLP 001
Kryptic Minds - Organic
Old Apparatus - Untitled - Deep Medi
16 Bit - Twice
Vivek - Pulse
Loefah - Mud
Cymatic - Electric Church
Kryptic Minds - the Fifth
Synkro - Box Clever ???
Lurka - Box Clever ???
Digital Mystikz - 10 Dread Commandments


p happy about this one, considering its all improvised and i was drunk when recording

Gantz ft. D£DW8- Shivy
Headland - Seen
Hebbe - Galata
Egoless - We Grow Fearful
Compa - Hallucinogen
Ishan Sound & Muttley - Still Smoking
Hi5Ghost - Holy I$$h
Asa & Sorrow - Knights Of Ren
Coki - All Of A Sudden
Mr.K - One Skin
Commodo - Solid Gold Telephone
LAS - Crowded
Pinch & Shackleton - Selfish Greedy Life
Gantz - No Faith
Acre - Better Strangers
WWWINGS - Glacial
Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub
Schlachthofbronx - Dun Dem
LV & Errol Bellott - Don’t Judge (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)
Bloc Party - Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)


Big ups.


Always the best way for me, but also means i forget to record it :badteeth:


I’ve tried making a habit of connecting my laptop every time now. Doesn’t always go to plan but every so often I’ll get something decent haha. Only thing is I’ll only go for an hour or so cause I don’t really wanna record 3/4 hours of me just playing shit lool



Pariah - Detroit Falls
Ital Tek - Cobalt
DJ Taye ft. DJ Paypal - Go Away
Addison Groove & DJ Die - Morro Dub
DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man
Rashad & Manny - Way I Feel
DJ Paypal - Slim Trak
Dub Across Borders - Dub Pacifico
Sun People - Nu Gun
Andrea - Retail Juke
DJ Spinn - The Future Is Now
Heavee ft. DJ Phil - Cloud Ride
Deft - Paris Falls
Antwood - Uncanny Valley
Air Max ’97 - Veneer
Brood Ma - Molten Brownian Motion
Oneohtrix Point Never - Mutant Standards
Fixate - Tweeked
Illum Sphere - Supercharged
Kidsuke - Harmonics Pt2
D. N. Hürter - Bagel Technician
Slugabed - Grandma Paints Nice
DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World


These Trainwrecks mixes are pretty much all I’m listening to at the minute.
Each one is stellar!