Vinyl only mixes


thanks man, glad you dig :salute:


hey its me spamming that thread again with yet another mix i recorded :adios:

Daphni - Springs
Decibel - Talk
Cousin - 4GOT
Lurka - Choke
The Almost People - Do That Dust
Alex Coulton - Hand To Hand Combat
Tessela - Darlene, Please
K Lone - Rude
MS \ HT - Brown Kijin
Pinch - Retribution
Trusta - Hypnotic
Sawf - Know The System
Wen - It’s A Lot
Mickey Pearce - Jersey
Chunky - Rugged
Neil Landstrumm - I Paid £5 To Come In And I Want To Hear Rihanna
Elgato - Zombie Luv
Burial - Loner


That Landstrumm track has definitely one of the best names i’ve seen.

you got a download for that?


Spam away dude. These mixes are the best things I’ve heard in an age.



here’s a dl link:


House, Techno, Afrobeat, Dubstep, Garage - Fooking everything basically

Troubleman - Change Is What We Need (Progress)
Aly-us - Follow Me
Wax - Untitled A
Troubleman - Strikehard
Omar - It’s So (Druw And Perez Mix)
Ramadanman and Midland - Your Words Matter
Karizma - Ride
DJ Swagger - Track 3
Banana Republic Feat. Judy Obeya - Catch The Feeling (Tuff N’ Jam’s Catch The Dub)
Eric Benét - Why You Follow Me (Kool Drop Vocal Remix)
Brassfoot - After Darkness
Joey Musaphia - Take Me Higher
Operator + Baffled Featuring Colour Girl - Things Are Never (Steve Gurley Mix)
Another Level - Be Alone No More (Anthill Mob Mix)
Industry Standard - Nothing like a Saturday Night
El-B - Serious (Feat Rolla MC)
Hyetal - Ice Cream
Untold - Anaconda
Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl is a Computer
Ramadanman - Offal
Scuba - Tell Her


Anom Vitruv - Untitled
Tim Hecker - Where Shadows Make Shadows
Roly Porter - Hessra
Asher Levitas - Premature Exit
Yearning Kru - A Chapel Under Static
Arca - Peonies
Mr Mitch - The Man Waits (Logos Remix)
Thee Oh Sees - The Horse Was Lost
Dimitris Petsetakis - Anxiety (Alternate Version)
Eomac - Prayer Pt 1
Ital Tek - Adrift
John Beltran - Dreams Tangle
XVII - Movies For The Blind
Caroline K - Animal Lattice
Forest Sword - Thor’s Stone
Eno - The Big Ship


This one



thot some of you might appreciate this mix I recorded with a mate.

Baby D - Day Dreaming [Production House]
G.O.D. - Guys And Girls [Nice ‘N’ Ripe]
Tuff Jam Feat. Tyree Cooper - History of House Music [Casa Trax]
Swag - Dark Corners (Version 2) [Jus’ Trax]
Mood II Swing - Call Me [Music For Your Ears]
DJ Clouds - Raw Silk [Dr. Banana]
Indo - R U Sleeping? (Bump N Flex vocal) [Azuli Records]
Summer Junkies ‎– I’m Gonna Love You [Ruff On Wax Recordings]
187 Lockdown vs. G.O.D. ‎– 187 Meets G.O.D. [not on label]
Large Joints - Down On You (Hands Up Mix) [Large Joints]
RiP Productions - Work It Out [RIP Productions]
Bodysnatch - Just 4 U London (Speed Garage mix) [not on label/bumpy grooves series]
Urban Myths - Without You (Dubwise Mix) [Urban Myths]
DJ Deller - Romantic Call 2001 [Dr. Banana]
Mark “Ruff” Ryder ‎– Sound System Check (Skip Mix) [Strictly Underground Records]


Did a mix for the upcoming TFF festival in Darmstadt, Germanyüsseldorf/?fbclid=IwAR29DGwIwGrUkHMl_tGPRGbacIHxLEit4dSMbOut2bGaqQUPs9nThayjER4

Loefah - Woman
Pavoch - This Town Ain´t Big Enough (feat. K.L.E.)
Boofy - Ledge
Kahn & Neek - Chronic Despair
Samba - Malignant (Sleeper Remix)
J:Kenzo - Roteks VIP
Cimm - Eagle Eye
Sibla & Zygos ‎– The Path
Bukez Finezt - Under Control (Foamix)
Bisweed - Swamp
Badness & Killa P - Nuh Failer (Kahn Remix)
JFO - Untitled
Last Japan - Exhale (feat. Killa P)
Hi5 Ghost - Talk Bad
TMSV - Temple


Prpper old school bassline mix :+1:


That’s that shit what I do like.
BIG mix.


Many thanks bro :adios:


:adios: not overly happy with how this turned out, but i think it’s a decent mix and fuck knows when i’m going to be able to record another one.

tracklist is in the vid description


Feeling! Loaded sounds sick off the dubplate, where did you get it cut?


Did you live stream this at some point? Think I caught some of it


@hirszu cheers broski. Got it cut at Dubstudio, i’m happy with it but i’d probably mix it slightly different if i were to cut it again.
Btw, don’t ever do transparent dubs if you’ve got more than 1 track per side, makes finding the start of the second tune quite a bit harder, idk why i didn’t think of that lol, learning all the time :slight_smile:

@CreamLord I didn’t, recorded the video on my phone and audio on the computer, then put it together in Reaper. I did surely stream myself DJing around that time tho.


banging mix, really enjoyed this


so our vinyl only show aired on Leeds Student Radio yesterday…

please excuse the gritty quality, we had some issues with panning that we had to correct in post-production. hopefully the sound has been done due justice.

commix - be true (burial remix) [s/s]
las & mikael - outlaw [outlaw ep]
daega sound - state of mind [state of mind / fox wing]
kahn - tehran [illy / tehran]
geiom - classic rewinds [classic rewinds / toscani (promo)]
joker - tron [s/s]
stumbleine - cassette [ghosting]
sorrow - lovers’ charm [hieroglyphics ep]
scuba - dream [harpoon / dream]
james blake - timeless [the colour in anything]
biome - reality [two way ep]
blackdown - northside cheng dub [the bits / northside cheng dub]
digital mystikz - anti-war dub [MAH warrior dubz]
floating points - sais (dub) [s/s]
shudan - flammie riddim [arctic garms ep]
airhead - south congress [south congress / wait]

thread for all our other shows: 30 Hertz Radio Shows


Live rn