Vinyl only mixes


thanks man, glad you dig :salute:


hey its me spamming that thread again with yet another mix i recorded :adios:

Daphni - Springs
Decibel - Talk
Cousin - 4GOT
Lurka - Choke
The Almost People - Do That Dust
Alex Coulton - Hand To Hand Combat
Tessela - Darlene, Please
K Lone - Rude
MS \ HT - Brown Kijin
Pinch - Retribution
Trusta - Hypnotic
Sawf - Know The System
Wen - It’s A Lot
Mickey Pearce - Jersey
Chunky - Rugged
Neil Landstrumm - I Paid £5 To Come In And I Want To Hear Rihanna
Elgato - Zombie Luv
Burial - Loner


That Landstrumm track has definitely one of the best names i’ve seen.

you got a download for that?


Spam away dude. These mixes are the best things I’ve heard in an age.



here’s a dl link:


House, Techno, Afrobeat, Dubstep, Garage - Fooking everything basically

Troubleman - Change Is What We Need (Progress)
Aly-us - Follow Me
Wax - Untitled A
Troubleman - Strikehard
Omar - It’s So (Druw And Perez Mix)
Ramadanman and Midland - Your Words Matter
Karizma - Ride
DJ Swagger - Track 3
Banana Republic Feat. Judy Obeya - Catch The Feeling (Tuff N’ Jam’s Catch The Dub)
Eric Benét - Why You Follow Me (Kool Drop Vocal Remix)
Brassfoot - After Darkness
Joey Musaphia - Take Me Higher
Operator + Baffled Featuring Colour Girl - Things Are Never (Steve Gurley Mix)
Another Level - Be Alone No More (Anthill Mob Mix)
Industry Standard - Nothing like a Saturday Night
El-B - Serious (Feat Rolla MC)
Hyetal - Ice Cream
Untold - Anaconda
Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl is a Computer
Ramadanman - Offal
Scuba - Tell Her