Vinyl only mixes



Hope house sets are cool here, I used to post mixes from time to time in the ‘House’ forum on the old site.

Dark warehouse somewhere in Portland around 3am. Deep house into techno and back. Awesome crowd, good times :smile:

Vakula - New Sensations [Leleka]
Frank and Tony - Resistance (Dub) [Scissor and Thread]
Drain Pipe - Low Life [Driftwood]
Melchior Productions - Meditations 6 [Perlon]
Rhauder feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Sidechain (Dub Version) [Ornaments]
Traumprinz - Big Baby Jesus [Kann Records]
Jon McMillion - Neon [Nuearth Kitchen]
Kornel Kovacs - Tooth [Studio Barnhus]
Problem Kids feat. Steve Edwards - I Will Lead (Hollway & Eastwick Mix) [Paper Recordings]
Dario Zenker - Cafu [Ilian Tape]
Nowakowski - Dryg [Bror Records]
Prince of Denmark - Cut Untitled Cut [Forum]
DJ Qu - Sweaty One [Strength Music Recordings]
Jonas Yamer - Downward Causation [Molten Moods]
Theo Parrish - I Can Take It [Sound Signature]
Huerco S. - Untitled [Wicked Bass]
Simic - Dust [Major Problems]
Miltiades - W-Ww [Nous]
Fudge Fingas - What Works (Vakula Remix) [Firecracker Recordings]
Kassem Mosse - 578 [Mikrodisko]
Moodymann - JAN [KDJ]
Levon Vincent - Woman Is The Devil [Deconstruct]


Randomer - Bell Jam
Webstarr - Clocked
December - In Advance Of The Broken Arm
O.Xander - Dirac Sea
Mosca - White Mice
Lurka - Ritual Dingers
Dance - Still
Gaunt - MMRH
Bandshell - Landfill
Japan Blues - Stoned Bird
Peverelist - Grit
Tessela - Tenner Eclipse
Midland & Pariah - Untitled A1
Pearson Sound - Freeze Cycle
Szare - Scored
Batu - Bleeper Feed
Acre - Symbols
Gramrcy - 18 Drums
Rhythmic Theory - Future Tense
Pangaea - Something In Your Eye
Chevel - Black Forest


Recorded an all vinyl old skool garage mix on Friday
Going from 1994 to the mid noughties


Antonio - Take Me
R.I.P. Production - Obsessed
Underground Solution - Get Happy
R.I.P. Production - Mellow Works
TNT - Another Worry
Underground Solution - Release The Pressure
St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)
R.I.P. Production - The Rub
Ordinary People - The Message (Club Mix)
Chris Mack - Free
Jhelesia - Friendly Pressure (Sunship Remix)
DEA Project - Touch Of JD’s
Remi - Talk About It (Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Jeremy Sylvester - Realise
Groove Connection - Club Lonely (Dem 2 Dub Mix
DSK - What Would We Do (DEA Project Mix)
Vincent J. Alvis - Body Killin’ (M-Dubs Remix)
Stephen Emmanuel Presents Colours - Hold On (SE22 Mix)
Tina Moore - Nobody Better (Dem2 Remix)
MJ Cole - Bandelero Desperado (El-B’s Vocal Dub)
Steve Gurley - Walk On (Steve Gurley VIP Mix)

Let me know if anyone wants the DL


made a mix today:

Foamplate - 696
Nomine - Blind Man
Feonix - West
LAS - Malfunktions
Catacombs - Music Mi Luv
J:Kenzo - Ruffhouse
Kahn - Way Mi Defend
Foamplate - Lionize
Gantz - Free Focus (Commodo Remix)
Loefah - Rufage


New one from me. Mostly recent stuff.




Done a 30 min vinyl mix on Friday of some older grime bits


Dizzee rascal stop dat (instrumental)
Dizzee rascal I luv u remix (Wiley & sharkey major)
Jon e cash - war
More fire crew - oi
Skepta - autopsy
Wiley - ice master
Dizzee rascal - ice rink vocal
Big shot - glitch
Macabre unit - slow jam
Macabre unit - dem not ready
Dizzee rascal - final chapter hoe


just uploaded this dub/industrial/techno/garage mix from last summer - check it out! :slight_smile:


Here’s one from myself. I found it today, I recorded it about a year ago and forgot about it. Tunes are old anyway. Hope you enjoy.

Mizz Beats - Scientific Brainpriest
Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Deepest Fears
Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Words
Jack Sparrow - Good Old Days
Dark Tantrums - Unborn
Truth - Dreams
Amit - Color Blind
Digital Mystikz - Blue Notez
VIVEK - Against The Tide
Digital Mystikz - Earth Run Red
Johnny Osbourne - Fally Ranking VIVEK remix
Unknown Vs Mavado - Never Believe
Mala - Changuito
VIVEK - Sirens
Sleeper & District - Terraformed
Biome & Demon - Incubus
Matt U - Wipe Em Out
Thelem & Killawatt - Dualism
Roska - 480BC
Digital Mystikz - Marduk
Greenlaw - Warrior (Tes La Rok Remix)
Goth Trad - Sunbeam
Biome & Demon - Symmetry
Kryptic Minds - One Of Us
Icicle - BNC
Killawatt & Thelem - Saturn Color
Icicle - Acid Step
Digital Mystikz - Lean Forward
Coki - Celestrial Dub
Zed Bias - Dub Spot Riddim


Put one together for the r/realdubstep mix contest, two producers allowed only so it’s all Mala and Quest. Trying to get into a habit of recording again as well.


cave techno stuff

Polar Inertia - Black Sun [Dement3d Records]
Luigi Tozzi - Bioluminescence (Deepbass Remix) [Hypnus Records]
Tom Dicicco - Material Things [Baud]
Juho Kusti - In Dreams We Swim In Fountains [Reclaim Your City]
Jonas Kopp - Metatron [Ownlife]
Surgeon - Search [Blueprint]
Seelow - TFExx4a [The Final Experiment]
Robert Hood - Form [Dekmantel]
Steven Kaang - Ass To Mars [Disposable Commodities]
Lee Gamble - Motor System (Extension) [Pan]
Blawan - Marga [Ternesc]
Karenn - Pace Yourself [Token]
Ben Gibson - Ceased To Gasp [Sect Records]
Orphx - Periphery [Sonic Groove]
Eschaton - Seven Signs [Token]
Convextion - Untitled AA [Matrix]



One from me. Some cruddy transitions towards the end. Feedback appreciated.


Mixes i made recently

On an ambient tip:


Funky w/e:

Sometimes my mixer is trippin so you hear static DO NOT GET STARTLED
im too cheap to get proper gear soz


first hour vinyl weirdo house session by me.

did a little sesh earlier, audio occasionally drops out cause of my shitty soundcard but hey ho

King Midas Sound - Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Remix)
Mala - Maintain Thru Madness
Cyrus - Soul Seeker
Las - Uuha
Vivek - Asteroids Vip
Icicle - Xylophobia
Amit ft Rani - Stay With Me
Proxima - Lie Detection
Joker - Purple City
Las & Mikael - Dem Break
Mala - Lean Forward
Commodo - Hadi Hadi Ha


tried my luck with the Dimensions comp:

Danny Scrilla - Cryosphere [Library music]
Disgu!se - Listen to me (L-OW remix) [Heartfelt]
Peverelist - Clunk click every trip [Punch Drunk]
ST Files - Tek no dub [Revolver]
Benga - Killers about [Planet mu]
Cosmin TRG - Siberian poker [Tempa]
Mala - Mountain dread march [DMZ]
LAS - Backyard [System]
Phrex - War continues [Cosmic Microrave]
Benny Ill & J. King - Lithium Soular [Deep Medi]
Mikael - Lintumies [Innamind]
Loefah - Woman [Berceuse Heroique]
LAS - Malfunktions [System]
Zha - F [White Peach]
SMGR - Noderacer (Johney remix) [Dubplate]
Skream - Midnight request line (Digital Mystikz remix) [Tempa]
LAS - Pocosink (Commodo remix) [Blacklist]
Mala - Education [DMZ]
K-Man & Von D - Sensations [Tribe12]


An all Special Branch mix featuring the 3 EPs released on Penny Black in the early 2000s.

Set Piece
Dub Transmission
Exhibit A
Bring It Come
Sub Zero
Chemical Dub
X Factor
Movin’ On