Vinyl only mixes


Put this in the SNH Mix Club Thread but might aswell post here too

St Germain - Alabama Blues (The Black Science Alabama Disco Blues)
k.fog feat. O.P.T. - Love Mix
Crazy Cousinz - Featuring Kimona - I See You
Altered Natives - Restless Native
Doc Daneeka - Babylon’s Burning
Legowelt - Sampling Winter
G.O.D. ‎– Limited Two Untitled 2
Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Booker T Dub)
Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah (Kaoz Club Mix)
D.E.A. Project - Devil Woman
G.O.D. Featuring Frankie Paul ‎– Kissing Game (2-Step Mix 1)
Dem 2 - Destiny (Dem 2 Junkie Luv Dub Mix)
KJ & Zed Bias - All The Way (Light Side)
Groove Chronicles Stone Cold
Antonio - Closer (2-Step Remix)
Brackles - Air Pie
D1 - Joy
Murlo & JT The Goon - Plume
Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip
RSD - Corner Dub (Blue & Red Mix)
D1 - Ongie Bongie
Joker - Stuck in the System
RSD - Pretty Bright Light
Pinch - Get up (Guido Remix)


Skream - Untitled
Karma - Heal
Loefah - Woman
D1 - Belong
Loefah & Skream - Fearless
Vivek - Roots
Karma - How Ya Feel
Las - Backyard
Coki - Mad Head
Mikael - Wildfire
Distance & Skream - Wiseman
Loefah - It’s Yours
Kahn - Over Deh So
Las - Uuha
Toasty - Dibble
Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling


saving to listen on my way to work tomoz, lookin forward


going on the dog and bone for the train home :bluethumb:


try not to judge the fuck ups too much lads :grin:


all part of the fun with vinyl mixes imo, i need to start recording mixes, pretty much every friday we do at least an hour or two as we slowly get more waved, the mixing then suffers but you still get the odd gem of a blend :mrjoint:


sounds like a vibe haha, but yeah I definitely wish I recorded more mixes because the best ones are usually when you’re just messing around I reckon. Just getting my laptop out everytime is long


yeah I have traktor (fuck knows why tbf) so I have to have the lappy going, so I really don’t have any excuse for not recording lol


too waved to remember probably haha


practice video skills

this vid might not be visible in uk btw lol


Visible in Canada.

Really feeling these vibes.


thanks brajjj


perfectly suited for Friday vibes right now


visible in uk too btw


Gramrcy - Bargain Jam
Bandshell - Dust March
Rhythmic Theory - Future Tense
Batu - Reez
O.Xander - Dirac Sea
Boddika & Joy O - Prone
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12B1
Iueke - Tape 5.1
Mosca - White Mice
MGUN - Don’t Hurt Yo Self
Lurka - Ritual Dingers
Tuff Sherm - Prime Engine
Beau Wanzer - Beaches Of Leeches
Lurka - Beater
Funkineven - Beat Crash
Pearson Sound - Crank Call
Sd Laika - Percressing
Facta - Alsatian (Beneath Remix)


We are live right now on Youtube:


Quick one recorded this morning

Skream deep concentration
Wiley so amazing
Wiley 16 bar
Wiley eskiboy remix
Wiley sorry sorry pardon what?
Ruff sqwad Pied pier (double clapperz remix)
Undertaker (hi5 ghost remix)
Lemzy dale no long talk (kahn & neek remix)
Jook Tokyo drift
D double e street fighter VIP
Jook Pulse j VIP
Asa sorrow Spartan remix
Spooky & Boylan Peckham to Hackney
Novelist sniper
Novelist 1 sec
TnT Nissi remix


check out my latest mix about half drum and bass with the other half Jungle

all vinyl AND recorded to / ripped from cassette tape :slight_smile:

Rhythmic Destruction


///1. Dub One – “speachless” (Subtle Audio)
\\1. Refracted – “Enter the Jungle” (Silent Season)
2. Dave Hoax – “Variations on a Theme” (Hidden Hawaii LTD)
3. NCQL – “Breath Of The Eve” (Subtle Audio)
(tease) Overlook – “Existance” (DSC14)
4. Pacman RAM Trilogy remix (Virus)
5. Pish Posh – “Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent rmx) (Barcode)
6. Cruel Intentionz – “The Hustles” (Obscene Recordings)
7. Overlook – “Existance” (DSC14)
8. A Sides – “Keep Steppin’ feat. MC MC (Eastside Records)
9. Resound – “DSP” (Translation)
10. Dodz – “Pensive (3am Hug A Stranger Rmx) (Make:Shift Records)
11. Eprom – “Shoplifter” (Bad Acid)
12. Equinox – “Stagger (VIP Mix)” (Scientific Wax Retro)
13. The Alliance, Spinback, Q-Project, & Gwange – “Vinyl Paradise (Unreleased Remix)” (Sublogic Recordings)


  1. Phineus II – Healing Space (Lucky Muffin Records)
  2. Forensic – Bladerunner (Flavour Vinyl)
  3. Babylon Timewarp – Green (Sublogic Recordings)
  4. Unknown Artist – Untitled (Green Bay Black Label Series)
  5. Skanna – Find Me (Sublogic Recordings)
  6. Supertouch – Alive (Keeping Vinyl Alive)
  7. Phineus II – Ragga Panther (Lucky Muffin Records)
  8. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness (Uphoria Records)
  9. Champa B – Bigga Tings (North Side Mix) (Green Bay Wax)
  10. Percussive P – Gunsmith (Phat Bubba Records)
  11. Unknown Artist – Untitled (Green Bay Black Label Series)
  12. Nebula – Imagination (Scientific Wax Retro)
  13. Babylon Timewarp – Searching (Keeping Vinyl Alive)


tracklist looking hot, gonna rinse it on my way home from work


nice one man, yh im not gonna say its perfect blends all the way through but hopefully the tunes make up for it