Vinyl only mixes


Decent, will give a spin tomorrow


right on, hope ya dig it! :sunglasses:


Cool mix! Tight mixing & diverse!


Ahh fam the selection is actually so sick, big up


Thanks, glad you liked it! :]


If you want to download apologies for the file size in advance, using a chromebook and haven’t tracked down a decent file conversion app yet so it’s still a WAV.

I’ll put up a tracklist later. Did this earlier today.


flight vip > together :gunfinger:


Thanks yo! :blazing:


Posted this in the Ninjas on Airwaves thread, but thought it would work here too (dubplates count as “vinyl only” right? lol)

This is a mix I just did for Confidential Collective, all dubplates, some released since I cut them but that’s how it goes, eh?

For a tracklist and description go here:


anybody else still got DFRNT’s “Sinning in LA” mix from April 2010?
What a tuneful cracker!


great breakstep section from Fallen onwards


Recorded a more Dubwise oriented mix, vinyl only of course :slight_smile:

Kaiju - Burn Down Babylon
Moresounds - Far Away Dub
Dub Dynasty - Dub Cure
Ital Mick - Babylon Ways
Violinbwoy - Brixton
OBF - Echo Chamber (Gorgon Sound rmx)
Dubkasm - Counter Attack
Digid & Dubbing Sun - Mauser Dub
Alpha & Omega - Show me a Purpose
Violinbwoy - Thunder of Justice
Gorgon Sound - Rise
Ital Mick - Kingly Character
Dubkasm - Victory (Mala Rmx)
LAS - Traveling
Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub (Egoless Rmx)
Kromestar - Budwise
Lapo & Ago - Dreadlock Blues
Ishan Sound - Trojan (Gorgon Sound Rmx)


done a 4 hour b2b2b2b on friday mainly to get new bits on my phone…here’s the first hour or so, this bit was just me…just a random selection of new bits and a few older bits. usual poor mixing in places :badteeth:

Versa - Road to Righteousness (VIVEK remix)
Foamplate - Lionize (VIVEK remix)
Dubmaine - String up the Sound
LAS - This Morning
Egoless - Bubble Beat
Unknown Artist - Give Dem
District - Street Knowledge
Moonstones - Inland
VIVEK - Slippin VIP
VIVEK - Rockers
Samba - Sadist
Bukez Finezt - The Main Rule
Tremble - Trouble
VIVEK - Zindagi Dub
VIVEK and Dego Ranking - One Heart
Lapo and Ago - Dreadlock Blues
Appleblim and Peverelist - Circling
Tokra - Conquer
Sleeper - Operator Dub

  1. Wiley - Ice Master
  2. Novelist x Mumdance - 1 Sec (Fabriclive VIP)
  3. Chase & Status Feat. Frisco ‎– Funny
  4. Gundam x Nights - Shadow Warriors
  5. Phon.o - Mercurial
  6. Neuroshima - Headspace (Ground Control Mix)
  7. Wen - Swingin’ (LDN Mix)
  8. Chunky - Tolk to meh
  9. Hodge - Blood Moon
  10. Gaunt - JP
  11. Kowton - Jam01 (Beneath Remix)
  12. Orson & Skratch ‎– Nucleus
  13. Walton - Bulldoze
  14. Calaham - Amalaya
  15. Cousin - 4GOT
  16. One One One - A
  17. Dusk & Blackdown - Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak)
  18. Wen ft Riko Dan - Play Your Corner (Kahn & Neek Remix)
  19. Musical Mob ‎– Iron (rmx)
  20. JME ft Frisco, Jammer, Shorty, Skepta - Amen
  21. Jon E Cash - Bonus Beat (War)
  22. Spooky - Coolie Joyride (Trends Remix)
  23. Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat
  24. Wiley ‎– No Qualms
  25. Rossi B & Luca ft Killa P ‎– E10 Riddim (Police Ar Come Run)
  26. Lolingo - French Baguette
  27. Spooky - Spartan In The Trap
  28. Edgem ‎– Gun Man At The Icy Lake
  29. Jamie xx ‎– All Under One Roof Raving
  30. Dance ‎– Still


Sub Basics - Vapour
Pinch - Cave Dream
Calibre - Tenopause
Karma - Heal
Distance - Mind Control
Matty G - Styles & Styles
Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble
EshOne - Hot Sauce
Mala - Sinners
SP:MC - Declassified
Data - Liberty City Blues
Pinch - Pepper Spray

Again, sorry for the massive download file if you want to do that.


Skream deep concentration
Wiley so amazing
Wiley 16 bar
Wiley eskiboy remix
Wiley sorry sorry pardon what?
Ruff sqwad Pied pier (double clapperz remix)
Undertaker (hi5 ghost remix)
Lemzy dale no long talk (kahn & neek remix)
Jook Tokyo drift
D double e street fighter VIP
Jook Pulse j VIP
Asa sorrow Spartan remix
Spooky & Boylan Peckham to Hackney
Novelist sniper
Novelist 1 sec
TnT Nissi remix


Recorded a spontaneous mix yesterday:

Kryptic Minds - Hybrid (Osiris Music)
Versa - The Road To Righteousness (V.I.V.E.K Remix ft. Dego Ranking) (System Music)
Diem - Sitar Dub (Immerse Music)
23Hz & Numaestro ‎– Praise Dub (Iberian Records)
Egoless - Bubble Beat (Scotch Bonnet)
Shabba Ranks - Give Dem (Sub Basics remix) (The Most High)
Lyeform - Stigma (TMSV’s Rusty 3 Star Remix) (Mo:zaïek Music)
Macker - Untitled (Macker)
Gantz - Second Nature (System Music)
Foamplate - Tabula (Plantpower)
Karma - Smear Dub (System Music)
Mikael - Wildfire (Innamind Recordings)
Skream - Pass The Red Stripe (Soul Jazz Recordings)
Las - Gunfam (Innamind Recordings)
Foamplate - Lionize (VI.V.E.K remix) (System Music)


Despite this being really old. I still find Rise6 annoying to mix.



I admit I don’t actually have this plate so I’ve never actually mixed it but it’s relatively straight forward is it not?