Vinyl rips

So i used audacity to rip some vinyls to mp3 and the converted mp3s are really quiet :frowning:
Is there anything i could possibly do to increase the sound?
Im sad because some of them are vinyl only :confused:

I have an audio technica at lp60


EDIT: Also, check your audio in gain settings.

normalize it…you could probably do that in audacity, but you don’t really want to normalize something that was recorded too quiet in the first place as you’ll also increase the noise. If it was just recorded too quiet then best ting to do is rip it again and make sure you get a strong level to begin with - as loud as you can before it clips

I just conneted the usb cable that came with the turntable to my computer. Clicked record, edited the end and start and exported to mp3 320.
Might have to buy a preamp.

I’ll check audacity later to see if the if the settings seemed correct to me

You might not need to. Have you tried recording out from the speaker or headphone out into your mic input?

You could still increase the amplitude of the recording in Audacity, but you will lose some precision.

Haven’t tried that, the only wire I connected was the usb cable provided

The way compression works in cd and digital files your vinyl rip will never be as loud as your digital files but your vinyl will have a greater dynamic range so can sound nicer! Luckily you can just turn up the volume! But yes a pre-amp is important in quality, you should also probs rip to wav

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