Virtual Riot Nightmare Bass Remake [Tutorial]

Hey guys so I have a Serum preset that sounds pretty spot on to the main “centipede” type bass.

Here is a preview:


So you will need

  • Serum
  • Vocodex
  • OTT (Free Multiband Compressor)

Start off by selecting the Basic Shapes wavetable. Keep it on a Sine wave. Set the warp mode to FM(From B) and turn it all the way down. Grab an LFO and slap it on there. Set the LFO to a little past half way

So now turn on OSC B. Select Basic Shapes again. Put the octave to +4, Semitone to +5. Now set the WT Position to a Saw wave. NOW TURN THE VOLUME DOWN ALL THE WAY

Now for the LFO settings. Make a curve similar to this. Set the mode to Trigger and the Rate to 1/16

Or you can change the curve to make it a little softer like this

For the sub you can either add your own separate sub or use the built in one. If you use the build in sub then put the level all the way down. Now put the LFO you just created on the Level and turn it up all the way. As for the NOISE OSC, it isn’t needed but sounds good. Set it to ARP white with the level all the way down. Add the LFO onto it and turn it to about 11 o’clock

Now create another LFO with an upward saw shape. Set the mode to Trigger and the Rate to 1/4

Now go to the Matrix Tab up on top. In an empty slot, click on the source and find LFO 2. Now click on the destination and find A CoarsePit. This will affect the pitch of the OSC. Set the depth slide bar to +3. Now do it again with B CoarsePit as the destination and set the depth slide bar to +2.

Now since I’m lazy, copy this shit in the FX lol. On the Drive in the Distortion fx put LFO 1 on there and turn it up all the way


for the vocodex just fuck around with that cuz idk how to use it i just play with stuff :slight_smile:

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Yes tut would be dope! Perfect remake bro!

Do it! I’d be interested to see how you remade it. Pretty spot on

Alright I make one later today

The tutorial is up :smile:

Sick tutorial man! love written tutorials over video.

Question though, doesn’t using all these different semitones in the patch itself sort fuck up writing in key? Like if I were to write a tune using this patch, I’d always have to be peering into a spectrum to see what note i’m playing cause the patch’s pitch bends and oscillators are all over the place.

Ya this was made for the key of F. Which is what Nightmare is in. If you want to change the key you will have to mess with that stuff