Virtual riot's warm ups sound design

Hi am jose
And my question is how do i recreate the sound which is at the drop in virtual riot-warm ups

If have not heard this music then listen it here:

Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Tbh I’ve been trying to figure it out as well. I’m like 70% sure it was done in serum, but it could be Massive. I think it’s uniqueness comes from the pitch modulation that is occurring, I just don’t know how to do it…

Try Serum and then under Digital: Razor. And then for the warp mirror and set it in the middle. It sounds like it is used with a vocoder or something too. I could be totally wrong, but that sound is as close as I can get.
EDIT: Use a lowpass filter with some drive

He actually expalined the sound in one of his streams it was a squarified Waveform with the “Reverb” effect in Serum just try to mess around with that

Tried to make the sound with serum as I told, but couldn’t get any closer than this (the sound after the growl):
The rest is just playing around, because I’m new to dubstep lol

are you using the filter correctly ? here is what I got (got it out of an old tune of mine so the sound dosent sound exactly the same but I wasnt going for that either anyways it uses the same technique

No I’m not good with filters. Still learning how to use them properly

listen to my example if that is the sound you want I can tell you how I made it

Yes of course it sounds awesome!

S3M has benefited more than OP lol


I think you can also do this by choosing the remap warps and modulating them…could be wrong, I’m new to serum as a whole.

this is the patch I am using you could squarify the Wavetable on Osc A to make it sound more like the original but as I said I wasnt going to recreat the original sound so yeah here you go !