Void Space Records

Launched my new record label, been in the works for ages, 001 is a DSF OG (Abs) from Bristol under his production alias Riffs.

This is his second 12" (Pots and Pans EP is a persy grab that off discogs if you haven’t got it), they are tunes that have been around a while but never got a release.

Vinyl only pls support or there will be no 002/003 :frowning:

Stream: http://www.voidspacerecords.com/vsr001-riffs-stream

Currently pushing this cheap (£6) @ http://voidspacerecords.bigcartel.com/product/vsr001-riffs-dont-leave-ur-girl-round-me-tell-a-trick-12

Watch the video for DLUGRM@ http://www.voidspacerecords.com/

I think American type people are buying from Redeye currently (cheap shipping to the States):


Should be in physical shops soon-ish


Big up Fam! Long time coming!

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001 came in the mail today. Rude plate tbh.

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