is there some sort of issue with using VPNs on this website by any chance? ever since the website has been updated, i’ve been struggling on 90% of occasions trying to access the site. most of the time the error is because the connection has timed out.

my browser also seems to show the website as having outdated security settings too? don’t reckon this will be the reason for affecting my connection to the website though.

any thoughts?

edit: even just now as i connected to my VPN, i couldn’t post this topic as the website timed out. had to disconnect again.

Hi fiveone,

can you describe your VPN set-up because VPN has nothing with us actually, because, as far as I know, our server is not connected to any VPN. I can only imagine that there is a high latency trough your VPN so our server timeouts the connection. Can you try pinging our server from your computer and send here the result?

About security, you’ve probably meant on SSL? Well, I think there shouldn’t be any problems and SSL tests confirm that.