Vapor w a v e


just keep your eyes on dream catalogue and stay away from youtube lol


Apparently the guy who ran it (HKE)sold the whole thing to somebody


whaaat? really?
how can someone ‘sell’ a label? i mean? huh? it’s not sony music…



this was mildly amusing for a short time in 2013-2014


Duno, He was a sound guy in person, we did the only [?] Dream Cat night they ever had outside of the Tate Modern/NTS gig and two years at Gottswood festival but he was pretty errrrrr intresting online and from what I gather kinda of started ot hate the whole thing

oh wait look at the timing, went up an hour ago



Greetings. We are Danaseus and Mykena, the new owners of Dream Catalogue. We will be known, together, as The Chaos Angels Of Light And Dark.

After long talks with HKE, Dream Catalogue’s founder, we came to terms on buying out a 90% share of the company from him. Initial discussions took place over the course of this year through email, while the final contract was signed, in blood, at an undisclosed location within the city of Florence, Italy.

We have purchased Dream Catalogue on the basis we would be maintaining the ongoings of the company from now on. For all intents and purposes the basic foundational structure of the company will remain the same, with global shipping and distribution by the same contractors as before.

HKE will continue on with us here as a trusted advisor, spiritual ambassador and will continue his work as an artist when he is ready to return from his sabbatical. However, we will be taking over the majority of the operation from here on.

This transitional phase between HKE’s ownership and ours will come in three blocks. REISSUE PHASE, END SERIES and CHAOS ERA.

REISSUE PHASE starts immediately with the release of the first 2814 album on double 12″ vinyl for the first time, including a brand new reissue of Birth Of A New Day on vinyl which are out now as of the publishing of this statement. And available to order from October 1st will be a plethora of cassette reissues based on data given to us by the previous owner from fan requests. The specifics of these products will be announced in the days preceding their availability for order.

Following these physical reissues comes the END SERIES – a set of 16 brand new planned album releases which were organised under HKE’s stewardship, forming the end of this cycle of Dream Catalogue’s history. They will be released in 4 blocks of 4, all on 12” vinyl. The artists in this series will be revealed in the scheduled dates set out below.

After all this has been completed, then will begin the wider preparations for the CHAOS ERA, starting next summer.

We are fully aware our intentions are not sufficiently clear to all at this time, including our current roster. We will reveal more about who we are and our full plans for this new era of Dream Catalogue when we see fit.

Everything must change.

Chaos is birth, the fire is life…

Until then! :hatching_chick:


that does make me happy tho :slight_smile:

hmm… intresting what’s going on there… i’ll keep an eye out on it tho. the label always had the feeling of burials sound without gimmicking his music. this might change tho. maybe it’s a good thing. maybe not.

if i think of deep medi being sold to to some dude saying there will be an era of chaos i wouldn’t be too sure about the process tho… but having enough distance to it i’m open minded enough to see what will happen.


meanwhile i had a release as my 486sx alias on tape with a rather twisted vaporwave’ish tune…