War please some mod just end this thread already I beg you

lol fuck off

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martial industrial is basdd on war/military aesthetics. tho mostly ww2 and roman symbolism

not what I meant but it’s my fault cuz I wasn’t clear enough.

sorry, I had to

Martial Bass Music.

lool call of duty drone strike music

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Beatdown on the downbeat

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Not explicitly anti-war… but an inclusive message of positivity!

fucking ell some mod please kill this thread

when I made it I was going for what is now known the “Brut TM” thread

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ez cody_morrison-

Not trying to harsh ya but you’ve posted this twice, and some might think that’s shillery…
Just fyi. I’m not trippin’, but there are definitely less patient types 'round here.

allow it, Cody and Daniel are OGs


Thanks for keeping me honest @_ronzlo. Was trying to find the right place to post it didn’t mean to put it on blast. Appreciate the kind words @cyclopian!

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on constant repeat till trump leaves office


Oh God