Watt Gear Do YOU think I should get?

Hi all! :adios:

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on DSF… :cornsidedown:

However, I’ve still been collecting data and equipment for the continuance of my musical journey. :jointbounce:


I was gifted around 1500$ recently, and I aim to put around 1000$-1200$ of it towards some new equipments…. :recordingcrew:

Here’s what I have in mind:

Most of what I am looking at is through Sweetwater:

I’m considering a pair of KRK ROKIT 7 G4 7" Powered Studio Monitors:
KRK ROKIT 7 G4 7" Powered Studio Monitor

478$ for the pair.

However, I could save 117$ if I downgrade to the 5" pair:
KRK ROKIT 5 G4 5" Powered Studio Monito

358$ for the 5" pair.


Here’s a video Comparing the two:

I would really love your guys’ input on this choice.

The speakers nearly sound identical to me, with the 7" being a little wider and open in sound.

I’m kind of gauging what would be best for me at the moment, based on some other items I want.


I would really like a DJ Controller to practice and hone my live skillz
, so I am looking at the Numark Mixtrack 3 DJ Controller:
Numark Mixtrack 3 DJ Controller


Alright so here’s the big question of the thread:

What’s better - an analog synthesizer or a midi controller hooked up to FL and all my synths on there?

I do have FL Studio Producer Edition.

I do consider myself an “in the box” artist (as I start) - meaning I’ll mainly be arranging and producing my beats in the DAW.

However, I would love to get an actually synth to add for my tracks.

And, for that, I’m mainly looking at two in particular:

1.) The Novation MiniNova
Novation MiniNova 37-key Synthesizer with Vocoder


2.) The Moog Sub Phatty
Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer


Once again, my curiosity really remains with the decision to get an actual synthesizer or just get a midi keyboard and use all the synths that came with FL Studio Producer Edition.


Last, but not least, I plan to get a quality AID - so I’ve got my eyes on the:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

Still kind of unsure what the AID do…

I know they allow you to connect Studio monitors to your computer, which is what I’ll need.

However, do they posses their own soundcard? What is their role in live mixing (with synths)?


Thanks for your time and consideration! :pray:

I would really love some input on this guys, I really want to know what you think before I make a move on these items.

An audio interface is it’s own sound card. You’ll want to use it as such. The Scarletts have a pretty solid reputation for the price. Primarily they are meant for recording audio in from a synth or other instrument/mic, as they have pre-amps inside. Your computer may be able to be hooked up to your speakers directly without an audio interface but using the sound card on your computer may or may not be ideal. The audio interface will cover all that.

Also generally any hardware synth can be used as a midi keyboard to control your soft synths, you won’t be losing out on anything if you get the synth. If you think you will get the use out of it then you can definitely go for it, hardware synths are fun to have. I will say though that the soft synths included in FL are perfectly good too so really depends what exactly you hope to get out of the physical synth features-wise. For example, what type of sounds you want to use it for. Haven’t used either of the ones you listed so cant say from experience really but I imagine they’re both pretty useful. Hope that helps, someone may be able to address some of the other stuff better than I.

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Thanks for your helpful reply MARSEN! :bluethumb:

Yes, I do feel like I will end up getting one of those synths… :musical_keyboard:

I’m leaning more towards the Sub Phatty,

because I’ve heard the MiniNova is more of a toy…

Although, I do like the sounds on it…

The Sub Phatty is built better, and is more of a professional synthesizer IMHO, and I think it would give me more capabilities with what I have. Plus Sweetwater has a bit of markdown on it for their seasonal sale right now! :slight_smile:


Yes, I do like the idea of getting a synth because like you mentioned it can be used as a MIDI.

So I think I will end up skipping the basic MIDI controller, because again the synth will allow me that in itself.


Really Hype for 2020, as I finally earned the time and funds to study up and grind out my first tracks.

Very much looking forward to posting my first bangers on here for the family to review.


Thanks again! Friends! :grouphug:

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What size room will the speakers be used in?
That’s really the first question anyone buying monitor speakers should ask themselves
and it’s probably my most asked question on here. It’s especially important if you’re
deciding between 5" and 7" woofies.

It’s also very important to answer this question in metres squared.

Thank for your reply AxeD!

My station is in a medium sized room.

The representative at Sweetwater told me just what you mentioned - it’s based on room size.

Based on my space I went ahead on put an order through for the 5"!

I also moved forward on the Sub Phatty because I think it has great analog potential for the low end in songs!

So I did go through with the 5" and the Sub Phatty!

I also put in for a Scarlett 2i2 AID.

My order is up in there air, so there’s the potential to change it before it shipped.


Quick story:

When I asked about the Sub Phatty there were only 3 left in stock!

By the time we were done discussing things, there were only 2 left!

So I jumped on the moog to secure it on my invoice!


Don’t forget some cables so you can run the Moog to your interface

What’sup cyclopian!?!?

It’s been awhile! :grouphug:


Yea the Sweetwater rep hooked me up, because that is importan!

I got a great discount too! Like 6$ on 9$ cables.

If you ever go through Sweetwater, tell them you’re with a church or something - work it out and they’ll give you a 15 percent Educational discount! :jointbounce:

If you use FL Studio, I heard this one is nice. But I guess it depends if you want to speed up your drum/pattern workflow. Pretty cheap too all things considering the amount of controls. ($99) I’ll probably get this one soon myself.

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Thanks for the post @SquidBoi ! :bluethumb:

I’ve never seen this unit before, def looks interesting! :eyes: