Waves plugins


Hey gang, Any waves plugins you guys really enjoy? I know there are so many and trust me ill spend time going through them and figuring them out but are there any that you guys like as go tos?


I recently picked up the Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain which I have been liking. Also picked up the Scheps Omni Channel a few days ago which is sounding pretty nice for a channel strip.


nice!! I have heard good things about scheps! The NLS is really nice


Also they gave away the H-Compressor for free on Cyber Monday. I’m not sure if it is still available. I have installed it but haven’t tried it out yet.


i like ssl eq. colorful EQ.
c6 is a crazy multiband compressor. just does it’s job perfectly! no fancy bling bling.
and of course the tape emulator, forgot it’s name… boom! i use it more for house/techno stuff tho. don’t ask me why tho.


oh and lowband eq. supersimple. super accurate. if your bass has lots of subharmonics you can clean out with a crazy steep slope. good for dubcutters. + gives you some unexpected headroom


It seems like it is still available for free. Hop on it if you want it. I have heard good reviews from other people.


I’m gonna be checking it out for sure!! Appreciate the reply brotha


Was actually messing with lowband today! Loved how straightforward it was