Waves plugins

Hey gang, Any waves plugins you guys really enjoy? I know there are so many and trust me ill spend time going through them and figuring them out but are there any that you guys like as go tos?

I recently picked up the Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain which I have been liking. Also picked up the Scheps Omni Channel a few days ago which is sounding pretty nice for a channel strip.

nice!! I have heard good things about scheps! The NLS is really nice

Also they gave away the H-Compressor for free on Cyber Monday. I’m not sure if it is still available. I have installed it but haven’t tried it out yet.

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i like ssl eq. colorful EQ.
c6 is a crazy multiband compressor. just does it’s job perfectly! no fancy bling bling.
and of course the tape emulator, forgot it’s name… boom! i use it more for house/techno stuff tho. don’t ask me why tho.

oh and lowband eq. supersimple. super accurate. if your bass has lots of subharmonics you can clean out with a crazy steep slope. good for dubcutters. + gives you some unexpected headroom

It seems like it is still available for free. Hop on it if you want it. I have heard good reviews from other people.

I’m gonna be checking it out for sure!! Appreciate the reply brotha

Was actually messing with lowband today! Loved how straightforward it was

RIP Waves lol.


damnnnn lol

I hate this kind of shit but w/e tbh only use a couple of waves plugs very often and will probably just leave them not updated if they continue to run fine like that. of course eventually with OS updates I guess that may come to an end some day tho

counter-culture markets are always gonna find links to mainstream markets therefore are vulnerable to pushy mainstream business tactics. Not that waves crew couldnt make a whopping comeback, perhaps by quickly bailing out of the subscription idea, or even liquidating the company for a new idea all together. I’m sure the founder of mutable instruments still wants to be relevant in the scene and will likely support other people’s companies.

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Wrong thread but fuk it


softube firing shots in the sponsored insta posts

follow 4 updates on growing plugin maker beef as the story breaks


that calls for a tune VST battle

Used to have the Bezerk Distortion plug-in.
I got it for free, I think they gave it away once a long time ago. Then when I upgraded my laptop, I couldn’t re-download it for free. First world problems.

Good VST though

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waves plugins are shite anyway lol, relatively speaking, imho, used to be decent but they got left behind, i have tons of waves plugins cos of the ridiculous sales they always do, but i wouldn’t miss any of them if they all suddenly stopped working

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I do miss the beserk one. I had some nice grimey textures using it but I guess they can be replicated.

lol they backtracked




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