Weird request for any long term & experienced producers

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in what im about to say.

Im trying to start improving a lot more and improving at a faster rate. A great way to do this is through working with other like minded and experienced people.

I currently work a part time job, most of the time about 3 hours a day 5 days a week and normally later in the day around 3:30.

Before work I basically spend all of my time producing. Although for a while I’ve kinda been on a off when it comes to daily practice, I’m starting to get much more serious and consistent about it. If there is anyone out there with a similar job and production schedule to me, and believes collaboration is a big help in the process of accelerated learning, please HMU!!

Im really looking for someone or multiple people who are ALREADY practicing on a daily basis, already doing everything they can in there spare time to not only improve at production, but to also make sure that they are improving faster and faster, and share similar philosophies on this whole subject.

This may also be a deal breaker, but although for a while I did make dubstep, and can send previous work, I’m kind of leaning towards making more mainstream electronic music. Still open to discussion, but if your trying to partner up please HMU.

I dont mean just messaging a few times and trying to collab on a few things, I mean that before work when Im spending my time producing, I have other people in a skype or other video chat while we just share work, productions techniques, and collab on things. A way to for both of us to learn faster and get more work done.

I use ableton by the way :slightly_smiling:

I’m always looking to meet fellow producers and work on different projects! Feel free to email me:

Most producers are in the same boat timeframe wise they have jobs and lives too,

So basically you want tutored by someone more experienced? Go watch a youtube video.