Weird sample panning

i have some really nice synth sample from a weird old experimental jazz tune, but all the good bit seems panned to the left, and the right channel seems mostly fuzz/crackle, is there anyway to get the synth a bit more in the middle, i tried panning with the ableton utility to get the right channel up but it just emphasised the crackle

(also why on the delay effect, when you turn the wet up it makes the first hit quieter then the repeats increasingly loud it doesn’t seem that useful?)

I don´t know how can you put the good sound in the middle, but once I had the same problem and I found a VST called freehas. It generate another signal in R or L (you choose) with a little delay (1 ms to 20 ms). Maybe if you choose R and 1 ms you can do something. I´m sorry for my english, i hope you understand me, goodluck!

maybe you could just bounce the left channel, bring it back in as mono

then make an identical mono channel and hard pan each channel
left and right


I found it

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Use two utilities, the first panned left, the second with width 0%.

May actually work with one utility?


As for the delay, I guess it’s so you don’t have to turn the input down to avoid clipping.

yeah exactly

isn’t this easy as fuck? Like u can do it in Audacity easy.

RKM I thought you were a badboy advanced level producer pressing shit to dubplate etc

it hasn’t really been an issue before lol, and my skills are rude-imentary

i’ve never done any bouncing of samples to mess with em or anything like that

Isolate left channel, you do this by splitting the channels, drop down menu in audacity

then u make the left one mono and add some chorus or w/e to make it sound fuller again

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dang already finished the tune haha shit

yo harkat’s suggestion was most effective, did this

then with the left only audio channel i duplicated it and had a utility on the second one set to ‘swap’, grouped the 2 tracks with some compression and i had a close enough to stereo sample

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I presume you mean “invert.” You’ll lose that whole track in mono.

For stereo width, maybe try the Haas effect.