Welcome to the new forum! - Tips and Advice Inside

Hey Guys, I’ve been using the new forum a bit more so here’s a few things that I’ve found useful.

  1. You can message people using the @ symbol, followed by their name.
  2. Make sure you set up your profile especially the email settings, you might not want a digest etc
  3. When you make a topic it will give you some suggestions to see if the topic has been posted, useful for not creating duplicate topics.
  4. The Top and Latest views are really nice if you don’t want to view the forum with all the subcategories, this will give you a flat view of the forum.
  5. Highlighting text will give you the option to quote the section directly.
  6. No need to refresh, the forum auto updates with new topics and posts.

If you find anything that might be useful to people, please do post them below


The new quote method is sick


tis too

Do signatures show up below comments anymore??

no. this feature will be added later.

Ahhh ok, one of my favorite parts about the old forum was listening to other members’ sig tracks and having them listen to mine!

Edit: Hopefully we will be able to have gifs as a profile pic eventually, but I can see why it wasn’t important enough to have right now haha

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What’s with the URL? im not a ninja nor a teenager thats wants to be called a ‘dsf ninja’ come’on ? just use the old url and use a subdomain eg new.dubstepforum.com etc …