What a difference a good amp makes

Man, I’ve never had a new amp
til now used old man’s discarded Sansui & Pioneers
and second-hand Marantz, JVC, Phillips & NADs amps
but shit this is fucking nextnext level.

Cambridge Audio’s CXA80 with a Rega pre-amp into unbalanced analogue input
has the cabinet speakers I found thrown out in an old people’s home
(even with 70s? cabling), sound boss.
Enough inputs to hook up Tivoli audio CD player, Fission cassette player
plus USB & XLR inputs if I get round to playing DLs thru it.
Amazing value.
Goto admit to being a bumboy for pommie audiotechnology
(well design, pretty sure it’s manufactured in China)
and love the foto of all the lads thanking me for buying their baby.

I’m imagining what it’ll be like when I get the subwoofer back from the bloke i leant it to.
hook up a second set of speakers (can simultaneously output A & B)
and run a reasonable room.



Good to know, either going to pick up a better mixer or just get an Amp that I can link my monitors too!

Better yet, forego the amplifier and move your speakers closer. Fewer components to colour your precious sound.

OP is talking about non-powered hi-fi speakers. John should have bought that
new mixer like two weeks ago :slightly_smiling:

Cambridge Audio make a sick amplifier for the money.
A 2nd hand Marantz or NAD might be great too though. Depending on the model.
Imagine the difference you’ll hear when you get a set of equally good speakers.

I know. I maintain exactly what I said.

Yeah so it’s in reply to Johnlenham. Wasn’t sure.

No, it was a reply to threadstarter. Just run the signal from the converter into the speakers like you would with headphones. It will be quiet as fuck, but uncoloured by amplification.

In my mind, I have a setup pictured where you put big 10-12" speakers on stands (like camera tripods) next to your head without their big box cabinets which just act as big drums. Because they will be so close, the room reverberation will be less relevant. Just keep it simple, with fewer colouring affects on the sound. The setup will also be relatively cheap.

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Kinda doubting your advice
which I take to mean leaving the new amp out entirely
and I’d give it a burl just to see
but pre-amp connectors don’t really suit the old speaker wires.

I used to listen to hi-fi in the way you suggested
thinking headphones denied neighbours their listening pleasure
but who gets the time to lie between speakers nowdays?
tbh I’m usually in another room now days.

Furry muff.

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Drivers without cabinets doesn’t do any good though. The enclosure is like
70% of what makes the sound. The rearward movement of the diaphragm will
fuck up the actual transduction happening at the front. It needs to be counteracted by
the enclosure.
A lot of speakers are also designed to draw their low-end power from the vents (bass reflex) in
the box. Without it you miss out on 40hz-60hz (depending on the size of the driver and the
output efficiency).

I think if you run a passive driver on line level without amplification, you would need
to turn up the gain an insane amount adding tons of pre-amp coloration.
But I really like the idea of getting the cleanest possible delivery.

Not trying to dismiss your thoughts at all mind.