What do you guys honestly think of this song?

It’s kinda bad tbh but here you guys go:

nice melodies, bait vocals/too repetitive may wanna lose them- more chord progression on the pad…variatiion on the intro as I skipped to the drop in the end. On the subject of drops I think they lack that boom factor, leave some space between the bridge/intro then hit us with the drop-also the kick doesn’t punch through enough so the drop sounds weak, maybe layer it.

Nice desiign but dat dick hits too hard and the pads are kind of boring almost like Sunday mass. Feeling the ay ay ay pretty innovative and new direction but just remember that with risks comes all the risky things that come with risks

Thanks for the tips guys!

Not bad… Kinda slow building and repetitive… I’d try adding a subtle arp to it for the buildup.

Didn’t like the buildup dropping into another buildup.

Overall, it’s slow and repetitive and loses my attention pretty quick.

Keep at it, though

I’d get rid of that 4x4 kick imo, especially at the beginning. I don’t like that hey hey repeating vocal. Maybe as just a stab here and there. I’ve heard that sample a lot on soundcloud, it seems like one of those “damn son” type drops doing the rounds. I like the formant sounding synth layer that’s soloed at the end more than the pads which I agree with wobbles sounds kinda churchy or something and a little too bright for me.

Could you mark the spot where you liked the synth layer?

It’s in the background but prominent at 2:40ish and solo at 3:40+. The formant type synth.

Well actually that is a vocal sample but ok!

Pads/synths are a little bland sounding, drums are a bit flat and getting lost in the mix. Arrangement could do with a bit more of variation in it, felt quite loopy towards the end.