What do you guys think about this VIP of my song "Rising Sun"?

Made a VIP of the song Rising Sun!

Can’t listen now, will listen after work for ya, but just a tip, it’s a good idea to give other people feedback as well, so you’re not just constantly posting your own tracks and to be sure you’re contributing to the community, rather than just self-promoting.

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Yeah I’ve given my opinions on other tracks maybe you just haven’t seen them. I don’t mean to self-promote I swear I just want advice to become a better musician. I am simply doing it here because I really do not have any qualified sources at my residence.

Had a look through your comments, only ones I could find were;

Which isn’t really the sort of feedback to which @Cheyne_Taylor_Bush was referring. Not meaning to bust your balls, but be the change you want to see in the world, that sort of thing.

re; this track, found the midrange bits a little cluttered. Like you’ve got the synth swell and the drums and vocal sample all hitting around the same place and it’s sounding a little messy.

The constant kick drum was giving me a headache, maybe vary the programming a little more if you’ve got it playing through or have some processing/micro edits on the arrangement to give it a sense of evolution.


I have to say, pretty much all of the suggestions I would make @tabasco has already made, good insight, the other thing I’d say is each of your build-ups seem to have the same structure and maybe try to change it up the way you build into the next sections.

@tabasco @Cheyne_Taylor_Bush
ok I really see what you guys mean about the self-promoting. It was an unintentional mistake and I apologize for it. As for the song, I also see what you mean.

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No need to apologize at all man, just a suggestion! Appreciate your acknowledgement and keep producing :slight_smile:

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For some reason, the voices sound offkey to me… :confused:
It woud be cool to add some risers and slightly growly sound in the drop to make some variations