What do you think about my new dubstep track?

Hey guys! I’m french and I produce music since 2 years. This is the dubstep that made me want to compose, but of course I started with edm productions (eeeeeasier). So, I present you my last dubstep track : UNIVERSE 140. Tell me what do you think about it! :slight_smile:


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No one ?

The midrange laser noises get a bit tedious after the while. You’re doing something slightly different with the sound design though, so fair play to that.

Drums are fairly dull, they’re very rigid and on-the-grid. The hi-hat in particular sounds very regimented.

Mixdown is also a bit all over the place, you’ve got some really loud bits in there against a lot of quieter sections (even just looking at the waveform shows this)

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Thank you for your reply! Yes, I know I still have gaps in the mix.

I think the problem of loud bits is the mastering, because I use the free mastering by LANDR. It’s maybe bad for the sound, but it the only way I have to produce clear sound.

Thanks for your remarks, I hold them for my future tracks!