What do you think about this bloke?


Sounds like he’s trying to be Burial but hasn’t quite got the swing right on his beats.


rather good

but slightly unoriginal sound

True. But do you think it’s a good intention to copy a style or sound in general. Related to the musical development of a producer?

Besides this I think it’s quite good music even if you can tell that the guy’s production lacks of experience and professionality.

The cinematic orchestra remix on his soundcloud is quite nice.

I’m just posting this because I know this guy since a while and yesterday we were talking about music and stuff. He is quite shy and a bit insecure about his musical creativity, I guess. - He gave me his soundcloud link, anyways. He told me that he stopped to make music because he kind of followed Burials sound a lot and that Burial gave him a lot of inspiration but he felt like never reaching his level of perfection. Now I’m just thinking about what to tell him next time I see him, because personally I would like him to continue to create tunes. It’s not the hottest shit ever, but I think he is talented.

As for your question, I think it is going to be hard, especially for a beginner, to not cover sonic territory that has been covered before. Nothing wrong with trying to emulate some folks as an exercise either. But strictly trying to do someone else’s signature sound has always struck me as just being uninteresting for the musician.

As for this guys tune you posted. Well done enough, but its fairly boring. Takes forever to get to the point and then the point isn’t all the interesting.

1 no

2 definitely (just not right here where everybody is hugely into burial :slight_smile: )

There is nothing wrong (IMO) with copying or imitating or trying to recreate a certain style for the purposes of learning.

However, I do see an issue with putting out into the public forum a track where you have done so. It shows to people listening that you might lack original ideas yourself. I don’t want to listen to a Burial soundalike track; if I did, I’d listen to Burial as he did it first and he did it best.

This sort of track (even if it’s a homage or learning experience) should be kept behind closed doors to help the producer develop the technical skills necessary to develop their own individual sound.


I just edited the post above, because I wanted to explain why I posted his soundcloud.

@tabasco Sounds legit, what you say. I think it’s strange somehow. The guy started to make tunes with the attempt to create something like Burials music, fails and stops producing…

there sure are a lot of producer sob stories on here recently

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How many posts until we find out OP posted his own super secret soundcloud account…

Haha, yes if I read that thread again it looks like the “a friend of mine has a small penis”-thing. But it’s not the case. I am not the author of this music. Was just interested in your opinions after that alcohol influenced conversation yesterday. I want to cheer him up a bit, cause the guy seems quite fucked up. :grin:

I think if someone took those general sounds and used them differently (i.e. not swingy garage) then it could be pretty interesting.


I think Burial gets too much credit for lo-fi swing tbh.

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