What do you think about this wobble?

Here is my Dubstep I made not long ago. The wobble sounds pretty nice for me, but I want to make it better. Do you also think the side-chaining is too much? And I think drums go way too fast at the near the “drop”. I just heard this one so many times that my ears just got used to it. :confused: Thanks for you feedback!
Here is the music:

I don’t think the sidechain is too hard, but it might be too long.
That said, look at the peak volume of the kick and snare and the bassline (before sidechain is applied). If the kick and or snare are more than maybe 1.25 times the bassline, maybe turn them down a bit so it doesn’t dip so hard.
Could maybe afford to give the wub a few extra db in general though tbh.

Too cookie cutter. Needs more bass. And some cool filters.

Yes it seems that the sidechain is too hard and too long for me!