What Dubstep Tune/s Are You Hooked On At The Mo?


Literally, it can be anything, ranging from Benga to Skrillex.


I’m listening to a lot of ‘Rigging’ by Skream, and also ‘Biscuit Factory’ by Benga.

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has anybody scoped https://soundcloud.com/groups/dubstep-producers for worthwhile music,
or is it all Skleenex imitators?


that Versa tune

what a cool mindvention
tanks mun

First Song Of Mine, Just wnna get my name out there abit, if u listen let us know what u fink!


Hooked on all of Bommer’s content right now. The dirtyness and authenticity of the tunes hooks me. I like those home mixed tunes with the overly compressed kick and fat bass lines. Can’t complain.


First time posting on a forum and excited I joined cause I’ve already gotten some good ideas and really needed to associate with other dub/bass heads. At the moment it’s rainy and cold in Atlanta, and I’m definately starting to think I have reverse SAD because I feel pumped up. Currently listening to some older grimeyish sort of brostep stuff I haven’t jammed to in ages. So I’d have to go with Headbanga by Excision. But just thinking about the concept of meditating on bass weight makes me wanna hear 9 Samurai by Kode 9 and the Spaceape which is probably my favorite song of all time and just makes me melt. Rip the Spaceape. You goddamn prophet you…

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welcome to the forum man

also, we’ve got a much more active thread for this sort of thing here if you wanna check that out:


Thanks dude. Bit of a luddite so thanks for helping me figure it out…I say to other people obsessed with a genre of music that’s generally and classically on vinyl like this is news.