What happened to Core?!?

One of my favourite producers and has made some absolutly heavyweight tunes, “The King” is one of my all time favourites and it’s been unrealeased for years now…

Anyone know what’s happend to him? Never hear anything on Rinse or anywhere for that matter :confused:

He’s Killjoy now. Doing bassline/UK Funky/garage type music.

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Well you live and learn :slight_smile:

Looks like that dubs never seeing a release then…

You might be able to get in touch and do a trade for it. I contacted him a few years back about a track he did, as Goli & Ashburner, and was able to trade one of my tracks for his. He’s a chill guy. Who knows, he might straight up give it up.

Got in touch, offered to buy it on facebook but got no reply :confused: ah well…

Safe though man! :slight_smile: