What Have YOU Made With A Sawtooth?

Sawtooth waves are seriously awesome. They’re basic, but extremely versatile, especially with good post processing.

So what crazy sound design have you done with a sawtooth wave as the foundation?

Here’s my newest track where nearly every synth (with the exception of one of the growls) was created with a sawtooth as the waveform:

You can pitch down a saw wave an octave or two and then mix that back in as a really dope distortion-ish layer that is easily controllable. Just need to side chain it so the sub can come through.

This is next level reese stuff.

Means you double up the artifacts so it does get muddy - but its thicker then everybody elses reese if you do this properly.

Do you have an example of what it sounds like?

You should try it out.

But think of it like this, this principle will automatically enrich what is already there - it exaggerates the form of the unprocessed reese - - - like drawing a thick outline with a marker on top of pencil drawing

whereas distortion or saturation will only add to part of the harmonics (more just about tone)

it sort of ‘feels’ like you are turning something 2d slightly more 3d. When you do the thing I’m suggesting.

It’s different if you do it in the synth and if you pitched down a reese in a sampler … so do both from time to time and tr it out.

Like say you used to make a sample in a synth and then put that in a sampler. Then next time try puttig two samples of the same with one pitched two octaves down.

(I really like Noisia, Spor and Billain btw, if you are wondering what kind of sound im talking about).

sick tune burns