What is the next step after streaming?

Vinyl > CD > Downloads > Streaming services > what next?

Cranial implants


paying to stream your own thoughts back to yourself but losing privacy and ownership of them via “the cloud” in the process imo. That would be top babylon.

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Artists performing for you in your house

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Cutting dubs with a 3D printer.

Making your own tunes.

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full circle


3D print your own chamber ensemble.


Telepathic transmissions. But the signal to noise ratio though.

Everyone thinks they’re an artist…


Computers that make custom music based on your mood

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But think it’ll move in circles like things usually tend to. Buying and owning music will be seen as cool again one day. Kanye West and Daft Punk will have a meeting about it with Jay Z. People will pay a monthly fee to cratedig.

Implanting memories of hearing songs, live performances?

or drones with loudspeakers that follow you around.

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Why would you want music based off your mood? unless its to counter your mood
shit mood> plays stuff that would make you happy

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Itll be a collapse of the borders between streaming/live/merch or physical product its already happening to some extent.

Artists using streaming data to target fans/demographics and tour locations rather than making money off the stream plays themselves

already happening, there’s a “vinyl box” thing here in France where you suscribe 33€ (“as a 33 RPM”, jesus) a month and they’ll send you 2 LPs per month.


that sounds like the the sub pop singles club or w/e it was called

Back in the day before MP3 etc it was common in the form of record pools. You’d get like 5-10 records per month but it was a lot cheaper than that, and in a lot of cases free since it was all about promotion. 2 LPs for 33 sounds crazy I dunno.

Last I checked there were only 2 or 3 traditional record pool companies still operating. Think it’s mostly digital downloads now. Found this list http://djbooth.net/dj-equipment/entry/best-5-dj-record-pools-of-2014


Yeah record pools began with the Disco DJ’s in the '70’s.