What is the point of Dubstep being half time?

Dubstep is at/around 140 BPM, but the beat is halftime so it makes the track sounds twice as slow. Why isn’t dubstep just written at 70 bpm instead? It’s not like a house track that decides to sound like trap for a few bars, then switches back.

it is 70 bpm but some idiots think that it’s 140 at half time cuz they’re fucking stupid I bet


Because half of 140 is 70.

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This is a weird question. A lot of producers make their tracks at 70.


in dubstep the space around the elements that make up the track is just as important as those elements. You would lose that space if the beat ran at 140 so the beat is two step, but more time things like the bassline run at full 140 to make the track as a whole feel like 140


210 bpm is 3 step


I produced my first 2 dubstep tracks at 280 bpm

But it’s the exact same thing so it doesn’t matter. Half time of 140 is 70, that’s just math.

Some people work in 70 BPM in their DAW. Other people say they like the granularity in terms of arranging hi-hats and other things that are played in 4ths, 8ths 16ths or whatever so they work in 140. That’s personal preference but doesn’t affect the track directly in any way.

Four on the floor 70 BPM is the same as half time 140, there’s no difference besides what you call it


The default bpm when you used to start up Fruity Loops was 140

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Fruity Loo-minati at play

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Isn’t it anymore? At least mine is.

It was like 130 the first time I used it, so my tracks used to be 130bpm. If I’d stuck with it I’d be signed to keysound by now


i set my default to 130

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I think post V9 its 130 now


Hm, well I may have saved a new default patch, but I don’t think I know how to do that in this mac console yet. Probably just forgot how.

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Some good replies and some jokes replies up in here…

It was counted at 140 to begin with because most dance music (as of the 1970s) was counted off the kick and had come to center around 133 or so as being the ideal club bpm to keep dancers at max frenzy without tiring them out. That BPM consciousness carried over into nearly all club based dance music.

The genres that dubstep came out of were also aware of this BPM legacy and 2-step garage was already working at 140. When dubstep started rearing its ugly head, in an attempt to add depth and weight (heaviness) a la dub reggae, the downbeat got halftimed - and it works.

In fact I’d go so far as to say it could stand to get even heavier… 100 bpm sludge ftw lol.