What is this background noise used in these tracks?

I know this DUBSTEPforum of course, but I’m wondering about this background noise/sound thats used in what’s more or less brostep at 128bpm.

Here are a couple of tracks that have it going on, it’s not really an arp or just crowd noise thats popular in dubstep, but it’s this sort of constant ringing and fleeting sound that gives the drop a very cohesive and intense feel. Only thing I can compare it to is that ringing in the very beginning of Sandstorm lol.

It’s used in the drop of this The Frim tune: https://soundcloud.com/thefrim/bassline-skanka-2014-aka-electro-to-drumstep-mix

And in the Datsik/BearGrillz tune: https://soundcloud.com/itsbeargrillz/bear-grillz-datsik-drop-that-low

I’ve putting a really wide noise pad playing the root but that didn’t seem to do it

might be a couple of things, try some sort of noise, wide “splashy” hats, a ride (not an accoustic sounding one) or crashes sidechained to your drums, eq, reverb, slight chorus and you should be fine

white noise sounds good too

in drop that low you can a synth playing and pitching