What is this sound and how do I do

I just need a start in the right direction, I don’t even know what to call it. It plays for the first time at 0:28, it’s the main bass.

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Got some massive presets that are probably similar enough for you to work with or are you trying to design the sound from scratch?


More so the sound design from scratch, but I don’t mind reverse designing sounds to find out how to make.

Here is something I whipped up thats kind of close I guess, just a quick simple patch but should help a little

If I am hearing the same sound…our good ol friend Labco has a good tutorial on something similar.

It sounds like a vocal yeah sound with a unison trick applied…rapid fired for a coupe beats

To me, it’s just a reese with a formant filter and some reverb/delay play.

Formant filter? Vocoder, or am I really off from what your saying?

A formant filter can add talking or vocally resonance to a sound, this isnt a sound would vocode though.