What kind of sidechain do you prefer?

I always make my sidechain with the Ableton compressor, so when the kick and the snare punch, the other sounds are compressed. But yesterday I tried a new thing for me: Sidechain with multiband compressor, only compressing the low bass until aprox. 200 khz, and it sounded fine. What’s your opinion? What is the best way in Brostep?

I use volume shaper for the tough job of kick and snare sidechaining. For subtle sidechaining, the Ableton compressor works well.

You actually don’t need anything fancy…you could pop a utility onto a bus and draw in the envelope for volume reduction. It sounds terrible but its not actually hard… you just have to draw one and then c/p where your kick and snare hits.

For 4/4 floor stuff I tend to use Xfer lfotool, and for subtle compression the ableton glue compressor.

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