What name of this bass?

Hi everyone, im new in dubstep scene. Could you tell me what name of this kind of bass ? and might anyone share how to make this sound ?
this sound from the drop PhaseOne - Initiate

idontknowwhatthisname : https://clyp.it/r4t42bis

It sounds like a layered FM based synth patch to me, with distortion and other effects applied to taste. It’s a bit of a standard way of getting more “metallic” sounding things. Of course that’s not the only way, but a good starting place. Could use several synths depending on your DAW. Live’s Operator synth is one, and you could even use Massive along with its phase modulation settings. There’s loads of ways though, I mention those because they are in widespread use. A good free one is FMMF from De la Mancha.