What record/etc. did you just buy?


Came out of the bush for a buy up @ the Record Store:
Unknown Praise
Steppa’s Delight 2
Nomine Nomines Chant
District Alpha House
Acre Symbols EP
Beyond the Confines compilation (incl Occult, Klatu…) beautiful laidback tunes
some secondhand Groove Chronicles & MJCole
and Richard Spaven Side2Side with the mala remix
& Zac threw in Menta’s Snake Charmer & a beer

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Picked up the new Batu release on Hotline. Not what I usually listen to, but I like it.

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I got a lot recently… but just today got zomby x reark - natalia’s song…

It was still sealed… I umm… opened it… now I kinda regret it… anyway

The etching is beautiful though

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SP:MC - Declassified EP

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Just copped ASBO001 off discogs for a tidy £50, wanted that for a pretty long time

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nice one! its a banger, one of those instantly recognisable, shell down the dance tunes.


Unless you drop this in a rave, then it’s a long wait for the drop

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Reserved some copies for -

Quest - Visitors / Dubfoot
Jack Sparrow - Loveless / Dread
Gobstopper Peace001
S-X - Woooo repress


Picked up
Prodigy - The Fat of the Land
at my local JB Hi-Fi. I now own it on CD, cassette and vinyl.

Bjork has some limited edition coloured represses out. I ordered Debut. I’ll order the others when I have the money and try not to think about the $200.


Got Kaiju - Justice/Creeper and the Sub Basics EP on the way


bought 10 used CDs for 27€ in a bargain shop. includes a random 1994 jungle compilation, some hip-hop and r&b (common, simbad, aaliyah, lauryn hill), some experimental stuff from Lucky Dragons, MJ Cole’s Sincere, an Art of Noise best-of, etc. some cool finds!


Logos- Glass EP

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Palace - Touch Me
Alex Coulton - Bounce (w/ Pev Remix)
Batu - Numen
Gesloten Cirkel - Gesloten Cirkel


Got about £200 spread across 3 or 4 sites and I keep backing out. Payday tho…


Vivek - Mantra
Last Japan - Harca + Remixes
LHF v Ragga Twins - From the Edge


Whitey Morgan and the 78’s - Sonic Ranch


Havana Mood ‎– (Rhum & Bass Version)
Silkie ‎– Skys The Limit / Poltigiest