What record/etc. did you just buy?


Gotta continue the tradition, if only so I can find new music in here!

I recently got:
Geeneus ‎– Da Journey / 4 Beat Bonus Track
Finn ‎– Keep Calling
Darqwan / Mark One ‎– The Remix E.P.
Orson ‎– White Nights / Rise 6


Copped the new system plate recently, I’m now broke though :unamused:


i missed it :pensive:


did it sell out quickly? cause I remember quickly checking the system store at like half 4 and it was up


not a clue mate, think it sold out that day. I’m not massively fussed cos i think it’ll get a repress but it was a bit annoying.


vivek is hypeboi #1. quite annoying, but glad they’ll see a repress.


Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt Edits


This 1 hard to cue up though, flute melody starts on the 2nd beat (Ridz you’ve got this one too haven’t you?)


@Johoosh yeah man I’ve got it. successfully mixed it about twice.


Mala - Lean Forward / Learn



bought the new Akkord CD (HTH020 + remixes). also got DJ Roc’s Planet Mu album for about £2 which was cool


oi @Muncey how much?


I got BS001 in the mail recently, which is ADP - Horsemouth VIP / Oxossi - Mr. Shelby. Horsemouth VIP is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:.

Also got Gantz - Witch Blues EP and Gantz - Elmo Rehab / Spooky Action at a Distance arriving any day now. So hyped for those ones.


£55 in total with postage… Mint condition. Used birthday money to buy it.

Brought the new Hotline as well.


Logos - Glass EP
Sharp Veins - Inbox Island EP


D-Operation Drop - Body Rock / Sufferah
DJ Madd - 1. Unfaithful Version 2. Clash Dub
Mala - I Wait, Pt. 2
Sleeper - Lander
Mikael - Smiling Face / Wada / Sandwell
Commodo Ft Jme - Shift
Kahn - Dread (Gorgon Sound Version)
Skeptical - Imperial EP
Egoless - From Dust To Dub / Broken Tape Dub
Quest - Vampires / Overcome
Om Unit - Inversions LP
Perverse - Champion Dub EP
Thelem - Grainform / Petrichor
J:Kenzo - Urban Gorilla EP
District - Alpha House / Inorganic
Commodo & Lurka - Airtight / Gassin
Kahn & Neek - BANDULU 005
Chimpo - Out An Bad EP
Kahn - Abattoir / Over deh so
LAS - Uuha / Witch Doctor
Wen - Swingin’ / Facta Remix
Thelem Ft. T-man - Bring Me Down / False Imprint
Digital - Dub Mammoth EP
Nomine - Blind Man EP
Gantz - Elmo Rehab / Spooky Action At A Distance
EshOne - Monopoly EP
Gantz - Witch Blues EP
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Transatlantic EP
Kaiju - Justice / Creeper

Yeah, had been reserving records for 6 months, Big up Redeye.


Bitches Brew 180g pressing :muscle:t2:


New Kaiju bit and the Gantz medi. Reserves list is pretty long now haha


My man’s going in


Source Direct - Black Rose (w/ Blawan Remix)
Pinch & Mumdance - Big Slug
Adesse Versions - Pride
Bruce - Just Getting Started
Pev & Hodge - 21 Versions
Alex Coulton - Bleep Sequence

Finally got round to buying a Bruce record (he liked one of my mixes on soundcloud so feel I owe him… and it’s a stone cold banger)