What record/etc. did you just buy?


Badawi is so gut.

been rinsing this one a lot again recently


ain’t heard that record before, gonna try and check it when I get a minute

edit -
except for the fact that it’s not on spotify lmao

Does remind me though, been meaning to cop fabric 55 on CD. Love it too much to not own a physical copy


hit the first one on discodogs and sounds like my kinda thing already


Which do you prefer?


The new Babe Roots on Visceral Vibrations < Really nice, heavy dub techno excursions. Recommended.

Tapes vs Superstar - Spirit World + Riddim

Horace Andy - None a Dem / Version


Sukh Knight - Cheese Loueez EP (mate destroyed “Up in Smoke” with a big scratch, his
insurance paid the new one)
Bandulu Gang / Kahn - HLM Dubplate
Akcept / Sound Unknown - Shook
Catacombs - Exodus


kin hell how much did u pay for that?

(if u don’t mind my asking kind sir)


They’ve got plenty of sick mixes on their SC, lovely stuff


was 135€ with tracked shipping from UK to Germany


fair play tho :gunfinger:

…was that you on 4thewax? I saw someone asking if anyone had one of these plates for sale the other day on there


Haha that gif


Ye that was me. I was surprised that I managed to get one. My search for Loefah Midnight is still prevailing tho…


Bought a record in HMV today lol. No 3 for 10 deals in sight though :frowning:

ATCQ - We Got It From Here…


Switches it up a little and bought something from detroit…

DJ Godfather - Throw That Thang

i been getting into juke and ghettotek recently so im likely to buy more american records in addition to the hardcore, donk, and grime records i plan on getting.


Hebbe - A8X/Addicted Dub
Sub Basics - Horus/Cartell
Nomine - Blind Man
RDG - Tiger Style
ANZ - Panrico / Clanger / Fencin’ / Loa
Oxóssi & Malleus - Amongst the Hemlock EP

Just starting a vinyl collection



Sam Gellaitry - Escapism III (XL Recordings - XLT856)
Pmp Mzk - Dunno Shit / Blink (certain dubs - DUBS001)
Various - Peach Bits Vol.4 (White Peach - WPR011)
Sepia (5) - Pay Attention Ep (White Peach - WPR019)
TNGHT - TNGHT (Warp Records, LuckyMe - WAP337LM)
JJ DOOM - Bookhead EP (Lex Records - LEX123EP)
TMSV - Modification (Perfect Records (11) - PRF001)
Bukkha - Death Chat SP (Dub-Stuy Records - DS-SP007)
Von D - Burn Baphomet / Les 12 Colonnes (Amar (2) - AMAR011)
Oxossi, Malleus (9) - Amongst The Hemlock EP (Innerverse - INV002)
T.A.R - Amplivagant (Rarefied - RARE3)
Gila (4) - Pick Six EP (Deviation (2) - DEV001)
Lord Jabu - Bagu EP (STERN PLATES - STERN001)
De-Tü - Tropicana Dub (Green King Cuts - GKCDUBS001)
Ago (9) - Why Won’t You (Innamind Recordings - IMRV019)
Jamakabi* - Hot It Up (Kahn & Neek Remix) (Bandulu Records - BANDULU009)
Floating Points - J&W Beat (Planet Mu - ZIQ242)
Opus (23) - Marbles EP (White Peach - WPR022)
Unknown Artist - Shook (Shook - SHOOK001)
D-Operation Drop 7’’ - a. Warrior March / b. Sativa Team
Sleeper x D�dw8 - (One Per Person) - Dark Things / X Rated
Babe Roots - Spiritual Connection / Brown Walls
Epoch & Rider Shafique - (One Per Person) - Listen This / Dust (Artillery Mix)
Elefant Doc - GG249 Dub / GG249 Dub (Perverse remix)
Lord Jabu - (One Per Person) - Bagu / Fam / Trick Daddy Dub
Mesck - a. Mesck - The Veil / b. Mesck - Slang Suffocate
Om Unit - a. Fire Exit / b. Dark Vista
UNITY003 - Hebbe
DJ Madd x NYC All-Stars - Ltd 7" White Label / Deadly Dragon Sound 25th Anniversary
Saint Abdullah - The Sounds of Evil - Vol. 1
Roots Manuva - Brand New Second Hand (2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE)
Jackson And His Computer Band* - Smash (2xLP)
Las (2) ‎– Crowded / Reclight

i need to reign it in a bit :neutral:


^ remind me of when I had money.

Recently got the new Bug vs Earth album, new innamind, new system, new bandulu, new blacklist & that lavalava release with Alter Echo and E3.


Turn back, before it is too late


Over the past month -
Mr. Mitch - Devout
Odeko - Digital Botanics / Construct Conduct
Tarquin - Grease / Foxtown
Lloyd SB - 8ths, 16ths, Princess Anna
Finn - Late at Night / Lightwork

def more to come later


yoo for the people that own Maurizio m4.5
Is the 2006 remaster a big improvement over the og 1995 pressing? Mine just doesn’t sit well when mixing with recent stuff.