What record/etc. did you just buy?


https://www.intenserecords.com/music/dubstep/item/30498.html - Kromestar on System available !


Synkro - Stop and Think EP
Epoch - V1
Samba - Malignant Remixes
Lewis James - Featherstone
Sam Binga / Sully - SBSLS001
Commodo - Dyrge


Sully - Vacancy / Digitalis
Skee Mask - Compro


Lol this popped up on redeye. Anyone who bought it as well?


Santana - Caranvanserai

Gigi Masin - Talk to the Sea

Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi


You can’t deny that artwork. Great stuff.


Jazzanova EP


Got sides E & F of this release on ebay for £8, purely for the Taktix Shadow VIP of The Way.
Also having Worries In The Dance & Special Dedication is a good thing!

Also got the VIP remix of Soldiers which I used to own but for some reason gave away to someone who then sold it for crack money.

And then Sevdaliza’s album for my lady for her birthday


didnt know about that being pressed lol. its an OPN allias if memory serves.

edit: no its not heh, what record am i thinking off.


Just received it. Nice collection piece haha

But what is an OPN alias? (Or who is OPN?)


Got a bunch of records recently like 30. Some hip hop, electro(1980s), bait grime, and rnb for sampling.

Also bought some donk and a couple happy hardcore records for djing and to listen to.

My favourites out the whole batch were:

Missy Elliot - Loose control (promo)- the instrumental
Slipmatt takes control - Kriston Got to get up (remix)
Swordplay- Fat Bass
Lady Sovereign- Blah Blah (promo) - A little bit of Shhh(smallstars remix)


I was thinking of this lol


Dodge challenger rt 2018


didnt buy anything in ages, but today was the day:

The Roteks VIP’s


lol, just looked that up, 200 copies of a vinyl dubplate? wtf is that

why not just press up 200 plates? cutting 200 dubplates is gonna be way more expensive than a short run pressing

(not hating on the fact you bought it, just very confused as to cutting 200 dubplates for sale)


Probably is vinyl just dubplate means previously unreleased special no?

I agree with you if he’s press 200 acetates


Nah, these are vinyl dubplates. Dubplate doesn’t always mean acetate, it’s to do with how they are produced.

So yes, these 200 copies were individually cut, rather than it being a press of 200 vinyl records.

It would explain why they were so expensive, but not why Kenzo didn’t just do a run of 200 records. Smaller runs have been done in the past.

For that reason I passed up on this (was at a computer ready and waiting when the pre-order went live), but I do regret it now because Roteks VIP is a banger and if I ever wanted to sell it I could easily have broke even.


Innocence - Remember The Day (12")
Marva Hicks - I Got You Where I Want (12")
Leta Davis - You’ll Never Get To Heaven (12", Single)
Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit - Vinyl Two (12")
Messiah - Prince Of Darkness / I Am Evil (12")

STOPP - I’m Hungry (feat Caramba mix)
DJ DEZ aka ANDRES - New World

That sneaky new ISLE005 from Palta & Ti the lads smacked up on their bandcamp yesterday (wait for the BAT album later this year it bangs)

Bô’vel - Check 4 U
Sun Palace - Raw Movements / Rude Movements
D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect) - The Men You’ll Never See Pt.2
Mutable 02
Womack & Womack- MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau) - MEL011
Warriors - Destination


dubstep 2012-2018
what are they thinking


Lol I know right.
Crazy how it’s pretty much become the norm to have a window of a few hours at most to pre-order the big releases.
I miss the days when records were in stock for months at a time


it’s honestly quite offputting. especially since none of these guys are anywhere near the cutting edge of music anymore. cut back the antics and get back to reality.

heads chatting shit how they’re invested in vinyl culture, talking about record shop experiences and all that. one could be forgiven to think there’d be enough copies to actually buy one at a physical store.

“To support dubstep, press F5.”