What should I do ? [Need advice]


OK so I’m not even sure if its OK to post things like this here. I am a dubstep producer and a college student. I currently live somewhere where the genre I’m trying to produce is not very popular, and really the future of me as a producer doesn’t look good here no matter how good I become.
So I am focusing on my college and putting most of my time on it. I am only allowing myself to produce on weekends. I am improving bit by bit but really I think I could do a lot better if I focus only on production.

So really I don’t know what I’m saying here but if you have anything to say please do. Should I continue as best as I can in both ways or try to focus more about production? Is it enough to only produce in my spare time while studying full time if I want to succeed? Is anyone in a position similliar to me?

Thank you

Hey there. Nowadays it doesn’t matter where you’re from. You got the internet right? I say focus on college first and just make music whenever you got the time for it. Music isn’t anything that you should force. Enjoy it. And only doing it on weekends will be enough for now. You don’t have to fully dive in as a beginner. Just always make sure you work on your craft a little bit every now and then. And as you evolve you can put more and more time into it. College is more important for now.
I had the same problem as you. Should i focus on school for 3 more years or just forget about everything besides music completely? And i am happy now for choosing to finishing school first. You will have more than enough time in your life man.


definitely quit school and focus on the dub


Drop out of college to focus on your dubstep art.

Oh of course cause everybody gets shit tons of money through their music right? Don’t drop out because if you finish it you’re done for good. You’ll never have to do it again. And you will have something for your future if it won’t work out with your music.
Only a small amount of people can live completely from their music (meaning having a family aswell) but yet are barely able to keep going with their music and their music only and an even smaller amount will really become known and live a wealthy life. Sorry to say but your chances of getting huge with your music are minimalistic. Focus on getting done with college especially if you’re a beginner at producing.

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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Finish your college imho, produce in your spare time, if you get good at it and start to become a popular producer, then look at your options.

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This is my explanation i posted on a thread here on why not to have too high hopes of becoming an independent musician.

To say it as polite as possible…hm. How big are our chances to get far with this music?
More and more people get into producing. Everybody want’s to be a producer. The ‘skill’ of each individual producer becomes more and more equal as a lot of mysteries of sound design, mastering etc get uncovered. Just listen through soundcloud or itunes or whatever. People start to sound the same. Because you got all kinds of tutorials and patches/sample packs out there. People might say they only use a few or change them up but a lot of times that’s not true. People try to put in less effort more and more. It becomes a ‘casted’ type of music. A product. Producers want to use little to no effort yet try to get the maximum profit out of it. That’s how it is atm and if it keeps going on like this i see little to no hope for electronic music.
People say it is the future. Maybe. But if it doesn’t change it will move in the background more and more. It won’t be anything spectacular anymore.
The market for electronic music is saturated. Oversaturated. That’s a fact.

This simply isn’t correct. Anyone can rejoin education at a later stage in life.

The window for being successful from electronic music is a lot smaller.

Yeah but a lot of people don’t do that once they drop out.

Drop out and send a friend request to Diplo every day until he accepts imo.


Drop out and make sick drops.

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Why’s that?

I already posted why.

Older you get, the harder it is to break through into what is essentially a youth driven market.

I can’t think of any electronic music producers who got their breakout after the age of 30 that didn’t already have some sort of musical pedigree (London Elektricity is a good example…relatively old in ‘dance music’ terms but had a top 40 hit with iZit back in 1988)

I do agree but you’re hardly over the hill after finishing college

How old is guetta? 47. Breakthrough? At the age of 34

But to actually ask such a question in a forum is i’m sorry just straight up dumb. You gotta know that for yourself. What’s your families financial situation? Can you get a job like this if you really have to if it doesn’t work out? Are you even dedicated enough? I’m not talking about an hour a day. I’m talking about 6-8 hours a damn day.

There is a difference when the fame is manufactured

Again, simply not true.

He was promoting his own club night and surrounding himself with world class DJs and producers in 1988, so he’d have been 23 at the time.

His first big single was in 1994 with Robert Owens. He was 27.

Nope. Not at all. Only small successes. Not even that worth to mention: His first real success happened 2002
with just a little more love

But successes nevertheless. He had something to build on that was established in his early 20s. Your ‘breakout’ is only looking at it from a commercial point of view. He’d spent nearly 15yrs putting on underground house nights in Paris before that.