Whats the point of LFO tool?

Why would I waste the money to buy LFO tool when serumfx does essentially the same thing? Is there something I’m missing?



The LFO tool is a utility plugin on on the Xferrecords website which can be bought at a certain price, not too expensive. If you buy serum though you will automatically get serumfx. Serumfx is a also a utility plugin with all the effects and LFO’s built in like the instrument plugin Serum.

So, why bother paying for the LFO tool?

sometimes you just want things by themselves when it comes to plugins. i know i do when it comes to effects.

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So maybe there is your answer?

If you are on Ableton, there are some free Max4Live LFO tools.

Also there are many free vsts about, maybe not as good as a commercial product but might get the job done

Also, you can use auto pan to get similar results. Lots of tutorials on it.

That being said, I own all the xfer plugins and use LFOtool the most.