Wheel Compilations- Grime tapes

Slackk compiled these for the now defunct grimetapes site (i think)

here’s vol 1 and 2, selection of radio rips of serious bars- the biggest wheels, some sick shit check it

'"It’s an odd one, this. I only started, in truth, after a journalist for a magazine I won’t name asked me a few questions regarding the site and the idea of putting together the “biggest clashes/moments” from the site for their own site. After I while I got back to them and they wanted something bigger- "don’t you have Wiley Vs Dizzee?"
The ignorance was a lot and after a bit of back and forth, the idea for the article- and the attached “biggest moments” disappeared.

The idea pretty much laid dormant until about three weeks ago when someone brought up the idea of the biggest wheels etc on the site. As much as it was a good idea, I didn’t like the concept of focussing on the stuff everybody had already heard. In addition, constant wheels sound odd in the car- I’ve tried it before. So, instead, here’s a load of snippets that kind of flow into one thing. I’ve tried to stay away from the biggest “moments” and all that because most people have heard them before anyway. As good as, for example, Wiley Vs Doogz is, I don’t really think it needs to be here. Maybe on a clashes compilation. The bigger names aren’t all here either. There’s the odd exception, but I just wanted to make something that wasn’t bait and flowed like an album, to an extent.’

1 BigUp

the sample from walton bulldoze off the new tectonic is in volume 1, the ok!, think they can take us on!


been rinsing this and little else past few days, one of the most exciting things i’ve ever downloaded tbh, mad bars classic instrumentals and all through shit radio rips that make everything sound overdriven and durrty

if u rate grime and haven’t heard this get on it

26.20 who’s spitting, sickest flow and the switch up to fast bars is too much

garage 1 about 34 mins in is unreal

5 mins in, that bongo eyes bit where it switches to doogz ‘doing hell to your antena’ :sun_with_face:

slackk just tweeted these from same series, pirate radio ‘best of’ rips of-

d double e:

sick on the dl

Ooh shit just seen this

he’s upping slew dem and roadside gs tomorrow

no idea who the second one is tbh

:gunfinger: :gunfinger:


the wiley and d double ones are quite as incendiary as the wheel ones but still wicked, think some highlights might be when they’re spitting on dubstep, d double on mala-hunter got my hyped, need to work out some ids from these

Free R.A.


what’s wiley spitting on, gotta have this tune


bump just found the roadside g’s 1

godbless anyone that uploaded old grime shit on mediafire time ago, all other links are always expired

Safe nice one keen to listen to this ^