When a source is lacking certain frequencies

I am thinking of the way sometimes drums are put together, when a
certain frequency is lacking; do you just add the missing frequency from
a different source? Like if you eq OUT the lacking frequency and then
find a source that has what your original source was lacking THEN eq OUT
the frequencies that the original source has?

So say you have a stab that plays from 100-1000hz and it is lacking in the 300-500 range,
you then EQ OUT the 300-500 range, replace that range with a new source
BUT EQ out 100-300hz and 500-1000hz from the new source.

I’m wondering because sometimes I have certain sources that I like SOME of
the frequency but am missing say the lower end or higher end. Doesn’t
adding those frequencies with an EQ make it sound overly processed? how
do you make 2 sources eq’d in the way i mentioned gel together without


You won’t really have phasing issues unless they’re the same sample at the same frequency.

The process you described is one way to do it. Whether or not it sounds over-processed is completely up to your tastes and I imagine it will vary in individual cases.

There are two other ways I can think of at the top of my head:

  1. Pitch the sample up or down, possibly duplicating a pitched copy over the original
  2. Various types of distortion will enrich the harmonic spectrum and may create content at whatever spot you find lacking. Again, if you really like the original sample, I’d suggesting overlaying a distorted copy over it, probably with some heavy EQ to control the harshness.

yep that’s why you need layering. I don’t think there are any rules here…do what makes it sound good. If you do it a little differently than others maybe that’s a good thing because you will have your own style of sound design. As long as it sounds great then you did it right.

Maybe not exactly what you’re wondering about, but when I sample from sources that lack good high end (like from a jungle break badly ripped from vinyl, or a stab sampled from something old) I make a copy of the track, and put logics pitch shifter II with the pitch at +7 or higher (only 12+ if it is a melodic sample) on the new track, and then high pass that track. It sounds stupid but actually really works most of the time!