When was the last time anyone witnessed Skream play dubstep?

So Skream is playing at a club tomorrow night, going with a large group of friends and they’re all psyched on him playing dubstep. We have a lil FB group going and everyone posting his dubstep tunes like “SO STOKED FOR THIS”

And I’m just sitting here biting my lip knowing he probably won’t play shit, and everyone’s telling me to shut up and stop being so negative. Apparently he played some at shambs 2014, but that’ just hearsay lol.


he’s not going to play dubstep.

he just played a 100% house/techno set here last night

man thats so lame

I totally respect the guy and his wishes to do whatever the fuck he wants with his career but damn, I was at least hoping his non-dubstep stuff was gonna be along the lines of, his dubstep stuff at a different tempo, but not so much…

nope… he’s moved on fully to something else barring some rare events where its billed as him doing a throwback set, like his retrospective thing last year

dmz 8

but he opened with lemon and played summer dreams



ahaha yeah there is no chance hes playing any 140

I saw him last week and it was strictly house and techno, he did play some heinously acidic house at one point which was definitely enjoyable though

heard him play Basscannon a few years ago.

That was… interesting.

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Do your friends know that he plays house/techno?

if you go on youtube and type in skream dubstep he plays it you idiot do that

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I await @Sinnergy’s report on the night.

I went to the 2001-2005 night Skream hosted as part of his XOYO residency where him and Benga played a dubstep set back-to-back, that was back in January. And he hopped on the decks for a tune or two at DMZ 10 as well. But other than that, I don’t think he’s been all too active in that side of the music, the set you’re seeing will 99.99% definitely be house & techno.

o.m.g yes

lol fwiw he definitely did not play any dubstep, wonderful night nonetheless

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G3rv4V9FjsM - anyone know any info about this tune? Would be a good release!